SambaPOS Database Configuration


Did you log in first in upper right corner? You can try clearing keys again.


Worked after closing sambapos …clearing keys …restarting sambapos and activating


Dumb question…why would I want multiple instances of databases?


You wouldnt. Only if you want to test some things without using Training Mode. I use it for specific testing reasons. But for most situations training mode is just fine.

I like to test out my more extreme setups on a different database than my production database. And I dont always want to do it on a different machine. This way I can load into a test database and change anything I want and not have to worry about it affecting my production database.

Unlike training mode doing this method will save your settings.


Hopefully one day I’ll have a better handle on this.

I suppose continually upgrading to current versions is a good idea.
Is there a tutorial on that?


No tutorial needed. It is as easy as just running the installer and then starting up SambaPOS. The upgrade is all done for you in the installer and it is always a good idea yes.

PS One note if your using SQL Express then just uncheck the LocalDB install option.


Is backing up to a cloud a good idea in your opinion?


I love the cloud. I use it all the time. Your question really depends on each individual and what they feel is secure. I use Microsoft One Drive for my cloud. The only drawback for a business standpoint is if your lose internet connection then you have no backups. I recommend also backing up to an external drive.


ok…I’m not too concerned about the security
I think

Am I able to upgrade to most recent version without upgrading to versions in between?


You will be fine. The only version upgrade issue that I know of is version 3 to version 4. There are specific instructions on the download page for Version 3 to Version 4 upgrades. But other than that yes you will be just fine,.

Even though it is perfectly safe and does not cause any issues a good practice is to run a backup before a version upgrade. This is really not required as it is nearly impossible for it to mess up. But like I said its sometimes better to just do a backup because you can. That way if something rare happens like bunnies popup all over your screen during install you have a backup you can revert to :stuck_out_tongue:

Just joking about the bunnies btw.


OK kendash…
Thanks for helping me out today.
You have been both very patient and helpful.

I appreciate it

Thanks and have a great weekend.


In fact inside settings of the module you can tell it to automatically backup before version upgrades.


yes I have that checked off Thanks



I’d like to know if it’s possible to define a database location in a dropbox folder and, how to do it ?
for exemple a datastring like “…”


No that is not possible. You can use a cloud based drive for storing backups however. The storage of the actual database files is not dictated by SambaPOS. SQL Express when installed sets where it stores its files.

Even if you could do this I would recommend not too as it could SEVERELY affect the performance of your Database.


my installation of sambapos is in SQ multi user mode.
does that mean there is a SQL express working already?
I am in the process of downloading one anyway but I wanted to make sure that I’m not doing it for naught.
Also, I’ve left the data connection string empty, but there is neither .txt or.sdf file saved on the computer… Will this be worked out naturally with installation of SQL express?


By default SambaPOS4 wants you to install LocalDB copy of SQL EXpress. If you chose localdb install option then yes it has a Local instance of SQL Express but it does not have the full SQL Express.

There is not much difference other than if you want total complete control over the db you should look into installing full blown SQL EXpress

If you want to switch from Local DB install to SQL Express its as easy as running a backup of your LocalDB instance then linking your SambaPOS to the new instance from your SQL EXpress install and loading that backup you made.

To link to your new SQL EXpress install you would use the connection string.


thanks for the clarification. that makes perfect sense.
how do I create a back up from the current set up.
and once I install the full blown sql express - for possibly adding another pc to work off the data base later on, how would I load from the back up file? thanks for the help


Thats the thing you would not need to load a backup on anyother PC you simply just connect it to that DB via Connection String. You can designate terminals via Settings > Terminals.

You would only need to load the backup ONCE for migration from LocalDB to SQL EXPress full.

What I mean is any additional computer connecting to that DB does not need a backup loaded you just connect it via Connection String and set your Terminals from Settings > Terminals and set each computers terminal name in Settings > Local Settings


yes, the back up of the current instance so I can load it onto sql express the first time. got it. so how do I create this back up of the current instance?