SambaPOS Database Configuration

Ok, Thanks but could it also be the cause of having the instance in windows authentication?


No windows authentication works just fine. But its expected it will not work with other computers on the network unless you specifically tell it too.

I use windows authentication simply because I dont want or need to setup separate logins and passwords… just using windows logins is easier. Some people prefer mixed mode so they can define their own users etc.

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Thanks Ken,

I have been able to connect from client PC by creating login for client PC. Now am confronted with these issues;

  1. Order placed from client PC not printing to kitchen and Bar although printers are shared with full control permissions
  2. Pictures uploaded into categories not showing on client PC although pictures folder are placed in public folder and also shared with full control permission

Would these be solved if i switch from “Work Network” to “Public Network” ?

Thanks to all for your prompt support

The way to test both of these issues is to simply “use” your network.

For example, from the Client, navigate to Network, then ServerPC, then to the shared Images folder, then click on a picture to open/display it. If you are not successful using this method, you have a permissions issue that you need to correct, and changing the Network Type might help.

Thanks Kay,

I have opened the pictures and issued test prints as well. They worked but not from Samba

Trying change of network type

Many Thanks

You may need to map the network drive on the client PC. A better approach is simply copy pics to client PC.

Thanks Ken,

I picked the pictures and the printers from network/server-pc/picture or printer and all worked

Thanks Again for the help

On the Client, you may need to change the path to the Printers within SambaPOS.

For example, in Printers, you need to type:


And for all images, you should map a drive on the Client that is the same letter as it is on the Server. So if your images are on the Server in the path:


Then you share the D: drive on the Server as D.
Then on the Client, map a drive called D: to the share-path:


Then in the Menu Product Properties, the images should work the same as on the Server, for example:


Would request you to confirm if Sql Server Browser service, is up and running, i discovered mine was disabled.

Also ensure your database is logged in i would recommend using the sa account it’s easier and makes you have an easy task.

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Hellow Mr Emre, how can i get database for sambapos? I must create new database or what?

Thanks Mr Emre

@fendy, you can refer to below link on how to configure Database setup.

Also when you install you have the option to add sample data, this will setup a database with some products and categories for you to have a play with and start customising and building your database/pos system

There are no ‘built in’ databases for different business types its all about you building your own system with belo from the community. That said there are some ‘pre built’ databases that people on the forum have bullt themselves and shared to help others with their systems. Have a search of the forum for pre built databases and you will find some you can download and use to start you off and help you learn and understand how samba works

Hope that helps

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Dear Morshed1, my device specification is:

  • Asus A46c
  • Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
    when i read the guide, it said that the spec is 32 bit. is this a problem for me? because i get an error

Im using sql server 2012 developer edition


You should be using 64bit version of SQL.
The installation process is same for 32bit and 64bit SQL.

@morshed1 , @Jesse , @emre can you please tell me that how can i re design the tables in samba???

You can’t. But for curiosity sake what were you wanting to do?

If i setup this, does it mean we can use the same sambapos between tablet windows and pc? I mean when we key in order(restaurant) from tablet, does it send it to sambapos on pc?

And is there anyway to use the same sambapos between user account on windows? meaning if i key in order(restaurant) from user account A, then the sambapos on user account B also changing(order we took from user account A)?

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Those are the same what do you want us to see?

second photo