SambaPOS GO Kiosk Self Ordering Software

SambaPOS GO Kiosk Self ordering software is ready.

You can find details on

Setup documents are on


Can SambaPOS GO allow customers to pay by themselves via card?

It is possible only for UK and USA

I am in the US, I’m assuming the payment processor is OpenEdge- unless TSYS is ready soon?

Yes we support both TSYS and OpenEdge. I will send you more info. TSYS is ready now btw.

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You can download demo version from here:

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Gokiosk app keeps saying wrong password.

I created the “gokiosk” User and Application on SambaPOS. I tried using both the PIN and Password that I made for “gokiosk” User and it still says “Wrong Password”.

-I am using the computer where the SQL server is installed, if that is important.

Using the demo or did you get a license? Can you pm me your kiosk settings screen I can help you connect it.

If the link in the post that’s 3 replies above this reply is a demo link, then I believe I am using the demo version.

I can’t even get into the Kiosk settings. The password keeps saying it’s incorrect.

Samba website appears to be offline at the moment aswell

It might not be up atm. But can you show the settings? SambaPOS website is working. For demo try 2520635 password. And connect to

Demo is not for connecting your database. It should connect to the demo server.

Kb and forum are online.
Main site offline (at least in the UK)
Probably be back tomorrow though

Main site is online for me.

Still says wrong password.

Are you connected to demo server?

No, how do I do that? port 9000