SambaPos Kitchen Display SambaPOS 4.1.82

I am totally impressed by feature of SambaPos. I am running a new restaurant and urgently need a kitchen display to show how many quantity of item in first 5 tables. I would like to know how SambaPos being customized and sorted the quantity of item automatically in first 5 orders or tables. I had been reading the past post in this forum regarding the kitchen display. It doesn’t work with V4.1.82.

Should I install SambaPos old version to make kitchen display working?

This is the link that I referred in these few days.

Unfortunately, I still haven’t get a solution on this. If the solution is there, please give me some advice or comment. Thank you so much.

no you do not need to install an old version. Kitchen displays can be setup with the latest version. To be honest a kitchen screen is a very basic setup. Look here for some good pointers to get you started.

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Hi! Thanks a lot! I had gone through the steps of setting bar display. However, I just couldn’t make the ticket lister widget to full screen and the bar order ready button is not there.