Sambapos response is slow / delayed


Here’s a video where I have problem with delayed input / responses.

For the first 30 secs, I’m using mouse. The rest is shown as touchscreen by my finger. As you can see, I have around 1 secs delay and sometimes 3-5 secs delay. And when it’s idle for a long time, when you click/touch on any table it will just delayed by 3-5 secs before it gets into the table.
Is there a way to fix these delay? I’m using SQL Express.

System specs:

Pentium N3530
500GB HDD 5400rpm
4GB ram

Power settings > 100% performance in all area.

Check that you have disabled HDD Idle Sleep Timer in advanced power settings.

Is SQL local to this machine?
Have you defiantly got samba running of the SQL database?
Double click on the top left samba logo and check what it gives on title bar, version number and some letters.

This is defiantly not the ‘normal pace’ of samba.


Thanks for reply. I’ve disabled the HDD Idle sleep timer.

SQL is local I suppose as I didn’t mess up with the database string section and leaving it empty in Sambapos.
I’m not sure on the running of the SQL database. My SQL database is a bit odd as it is named “v11.0” and it is windows authentications.

Double clicked on top left logo and it shown as:

SambaPOS 4 [App:4.1.82] [08/12/2014 1:00:00 AM] [DB: 78-78] SQ

Did I do something wrong? :frowning:

It shouldn’t be empty :-/
It should be something like (depending on your SQL setup);
Data source=localhost\SAMBAPOS4; User Id=sa; Password=sambapos; Database=SambaPOS4

It wouldnt be/cant be My SQL, should be Microsoft SQL…

Have seen allot of people have issues with windows authentication, personally have always used mixed mode - however this wouldnt be your issue as if it was you wouldnt be able to connect to database at all

@JTRTech he is running localDB so his connection string would be empty. He clearly said My SQL as in his SQL database I dont think he meant MySQL the software package.

@teantattle2014 what other services or programs are running on that machine?

It could very likely be the HD speed 5400rpm is quite slow. You could try swapping that for an SSD and it would improve performance tremendously.

We also do not know what rules etc you have running. You could have several rule checks happening on the tickets.

My bad, miss read that! :slight_smile:


I have a music player running in the background, with bluetooth ON sending the music to a wireless speaker. I also have Microsoft Antivirus running. I do not have any other program running except these. Also the delayed has happened even without the music player running. I’ll try to have the HDD changed to ssd if it will solve the problem. Is there any other issue that is related? I have installed on three different PC and it has the same delayed issues. So I don’t know where I’ve gone wrong. I just installed it as usual without installing any SQL Express program in the first place and it will ended up as v11.0 with windows authentication as default. Maybe mixed mode will have a better performance vs windows authentications? Thanks.

No, shouldn’t do, that would be option to look at if you weren’t getting connection to database on network.

Im confused - what type of database are you actually using?
Kendash pointed out your using localDB but you mentioned SQL and windows auth twice now…

So are you running 3 terminals or is this just testing?

it is localDB but the name inside SQL Management shown as v11.0 and it windows authentications instead of user id=sa with password. I guess SambaPOS by default knows how to connect to local database without any string unless you need to point it to another database.

it is not 3 terminals. i’ve setup in 2 restaurant and 1 retail shop. different PC. they all have the same delayed issues like the one i’ve shown in the video.

i usually do it like this. i installed sambapos without installing SQL management in the first place. i only found out about SQL management when I lost my pin when I’m doing the second restaurant. for all the PC i’ve work on, i installed just samba without any SQL management. and work on the products and drawer machine rules, print bill rules, service charge, auto round etc to make it run for the restaurant.

Hmm, ok, then your doing something different than I have seen/tried, ive only ever used CE and SQL Express.
You’ll have to wait for further advice from others in which case.

However an SSD would certainly improve general performance. You wouldnt even need a huge on.
My terminals with SSD only have 64GB which is sufficient for windows, samba and SQL, if you running music from local source you might move your 500gb to another slot and use SSD or OS etc if you have the space in the device to do it.

You installed localdb version of SQL express. This is ok but if you use more than one till SQL express 2014 would be a better route. Antivirus could be an issue as well. I wouldn’t worry about it unless your terminals are used to browse the web.

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Sorry, I thought that was new to V5 and V4 used CE as localDB, oh well.

Default install is localdb and has been for a while in v4. PS no such thing as ce localdb. Localdb SQL is a stripped down version of SQL express.

This is really slow. You should have better performance. What I’m experiencing on my tablet is it really starts working slow when windows tries to update itself, anti malware service is running or doing some different task that keeps disk or cpu busy. Please keep task manager open for a while to get some idea about that.

Low memory means more disk usage so SSD will be a good improvement especially when memory is low.


I’ve recently shoot a video with V5 on Lenovo thinkpad tablet. This is expected performance on a 1.8 mhz Atom CPU + 2 GB Ram. As shown on the background there is no significant disc activity while opening tickets. Generally performance directly relates with CPU performance.

A windows update might help if you didn’t do so recently.

btw sorry for the video music. I meant to remove some weird background sound coming from TV :slight_smile:

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Hi @emre - can you confirm this was an local install and not RDP, and where is the DB installed, thanks?

Regards Paul.

Local install and SQL Server Local DB Database installed locally. Everything runs on tablet.

Hi emre. That is quite fast considering my specs are higher than that of an Atom processor. I’ll try to close all other program and disactivated the antivirus to test. :wink:

5400 rpm hard drive is very slow in today’s standards. It could be a big reason. Just about all tablets run SSD. Going from 5400 rpm HD to an SSD would be a huge speed increase for everything not just Sambapos

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I do not think that the problem 5400 rpm HDD.
My test Computer:
Intel P6100
HDD 5400
6 Gb ram

I think the reason is big number of rules that handles samba
check the rules “create ticket” “close ticket” and other

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You shows RDP though. RDP will have slight delay although it’s minimal. With RDP hard drive wouldn’t be the issue no. Chrome with ten tabs really has no baring. Those tabs are not doing anything. It may not be just the hard drive but 5400 rpm is very slow and having anti virus running can cause unnesisary disk access and CPU load.

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