Sambapos stopped working. No log. Help me please


The payment and everything is done. Its been 2 year they are using system.


So did they change something that broke it?


Am confident enough with basic rules and automaton. I did the the for many customers with customisation and same number terminals. Something I messed up here that I dont even remember what I did. That is problem with this customer


Was it your mistake or theirs?


No,They didn’t do anything. This .net framework happened recently and I had to reinstall 8.1, And the sambapos version got changed.


Ok so let’s start from beginning what did you change that messed up the .net framework on the computer?


I think its mine, because I didn’t check the version before installing


.net framework issue happened automatically. I didn’t do anything.


Something changed. It won’t just do stuff like that for no reason.


And the system is not connected to internet so no update or nothing happened.


It was windows 7 then I installed 8.1 to fix .net


Well you could have just reinstalled .net making a system change is last resort and typically will cause other bigger issues for you. That’s in the past now though.

So it’s working now other than those errors?

Win 7 is better than 8 by far. 10 is preferred.


Yea everything is working now, But sometimes these issues happens like twice in a day during the peak freezes when they take order.


Ok first install latest version of Sambapos on each terminal. Do not run mixed versions. Check all of the printers and even delete and redo them if you have too


Is windows 10 okay with J1900 series processor POS devices?


I sell systems running the j1900 on windows 10. It runs very well.


What about windows 10 updates and all?


I will do that tomorrow.


I set those to run manually only not automatic. But typically I install all updates.


That probably won’t fix your issues atm though.