Sambapos V5 databases for Restaurant Dine in. takeaway and delivery, using one menu


I have just joined and brought a v5 license. Can anyone point me to a very good database with all the main features plus twitter ordering.

Sorry if its lame, but I have been reading and not found a modern database.


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We do not share databases anymore. Check out the tutorials section and scan through the forum. Lots of tutorials that show you how to set that stuff up.

There are configuration tasks and lots of potential too see some great setups there.

I am working on a Twitter tutorial hopefully I can finish it soon.


I dont think you will find a ready to use for your business database. what you will find for sure, are tutoriasl on how to accomplish all the things you are asking for.

It will depend on how much customization you will be needing. for example there are2 or 3 examples of take out, some are really complete and, in my case, I use a really simple one.

So please take a look at the forum, use the search, and ask for help beeing specific with what you need.

Cheer, welcome, and be happy…



@Jesse, you are allways faster than me… sad for the ladyfriends… LOL!!! sorry, just a bad joke…


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Thanks everyone. I`m new to all this and seem very lost.

At the moment all seems confusing, need to see light.


Follow tutorials even if you won’t use them. They will get you familiar.

@uzi9mm even you have that database you’ll need to slightly change it to align features to your business needs. A configuration that have every feature will be x100 harder to modify especially if you don’t know what x rule does…

Start simple. Search for features you need and follow tutorials to understand how to customize it for yourself. We’ll answer your questions. Once you get the idea you’ll see it is simpler than it seems.


where can I find the tutorials?

You can find a compilation of useful tutorials here. Also check end of the post for links to all tutorials.