SambaPOS V5 Translations


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Edit: Adding languages done!




PS, yes… we are, thanks… the problem is that in these days deliverers will not work (with reason) and we are not selling… that is not good for bussines, LOL)



@Emre, is there any simple way to Capitalize all first letters?

In english we have it that way, should we maintain a standardt? (looks nicer)


PS, I will add here some texts that I think we need some context, becuase in spanish (at least in argentina) context is important…

  1. Receivable translates as “Cuentas por Cobrar”, por makes it future, is that correct?
  2. Can Open Management (havent seen it)
  3. Property Group Name
  4. Property Group (Could be translated as Grupo de Propiedades or Propiedades del grupo, wich are two completely different meanings)
  5. Menu Categories (Could be translated as Menu de Categorias or Categorias del Menu, wich are two completely different meanings
  6. Category Products same as above)

will go on later, have to go out…


I asked crowdin if they have a shortcut for it.


We use it slightly different in SambaPOS but this is a generic accounting term. That is the exact meaning. Yes it have a future meaning.

A promise to receive cash from customers to whom the business has sold goods or performed a service

This is a permission name. Something like If user can open management screen.

These are probably not used anymore. I’ll check that.

Menu categories displayed as orange buttons on default install.

… and the Products in that category.


The Traslation into Spanish lenguage in Bolivian is the same as Mexico, It just change te context “Boleta” in bolivian and “recibo” in Mexico but I think that will be better to use te context “Ticket” for both cases because is an universal word
How can I use the translation in Sambapos 5 ? I have esperience in sambapos 2 and sambapos 3 and other systems Like smp panasonic , restaurant manager etc. But I requiere testing the spanish translation in bolivian or created other
in mexico spanish and to contribute with you


You can choose language in local settings.


@panapos I created Spanish,Mexico language and uploaded Spanish,Bolivian translations on top of it. You can modify Spanish Mexico for your changes.


Hello, can you create Spanish from Spain?


I added Spain Spanish language. Does loading Bolivian Spanish translations on it helps?


I need French translation working for buy licence…
U have a date of out ?


Hi, Spanish translation (Mexico) is available on V5?



Hello Emre,
I would like to add Czech language, how can I help you?



Hello. I created Czech language and added V3 translations on top of it.


Thai language please


Hello Emre,

I help You w/ pleasure to translate SambaPOS V5 to Hungarian language. (As we are a small country, we do not have any existing sub language.)


I added Hungarian, Lao and Thai languages. As V3 translations already exists for Hungarian I also uploaded V3 translations on top of it.

PS: I’m sorry for responding late. I was traveling and couldn’t connect to Internet with my laptop.


Dear Emre,

I finished the Hungarian translation yesterday. What should i do next?


I’m adding you to beta group so you can follow .61 development. On next beta release you can review your changes.