SambaPOS V5 Translations


Dear Emre,

I finished the Spanish , Mexico translation two months ago. What should i do next?


I gave access to beta group. You can find 5.1.61 beta topic and review your changes on latest beta.


It looks a little bit wrong :smiley:


What looks wrong? Not sure what your referring to.


i mean the picture of the hebrew language. Its a Joke!


I don’t get it. Must be an inside joke.


:slight_smile: He referred to this post.


hello I would not bother, but I would if it will soon be available the Italian version. I made the word verification ( )and are all ok! Thanks and good job!


@Michel_Aimonino I’m adding you to beta group so you can download latest update to review your changes.

Your latest changes won’t appear now but they’ll be included on next update. You can follow 5.1.61 beta topic to get a notification when it updates.

Also when you see I built the project on activity stream ( that means updates under that line are included to SambaPOS.


Many thanks :hugs:


please add arabic language


I see Arabic on the website. It’s not finished translated though maybe you could contribute and help finish it?


I thoroughly tested with the Italian language and it works fine! many thanks to those who contributed!


I translated 75% of the Arabic language


Hi Emre can you please Add support for Romanian Translation. I will handle the translation myself, please update the list if you can. Thanks


Hello @Marian_Buru. I added Romanian language. Thank you very much for helping.


Thank you too, i will start translating right away.


So i start to complete french translation but it will be easier if i can view the translation in the program in order to do not make meaning mistake. How can i ?


@Chatard_Sylvain I added you to beta group so you can follow 5.1.61 topic to download latest updates for testing translations.


Hi @emre i managed to finish the Romanian translation too and i need to test it in context to see if everything is understandable.