SambaPOS V5 Translations


I added Georgian and Persian languages. @Shivan I have V3 translations but I’m not sure if it is an accurate translation or not. Should I upload V3 translations on top of it or will you prefer to start from scratch?

Also I can upload Google Translate translations on top of both if you think it will help.


Im pretty sure it should be fine if we use the v3 ontop of some google translate. Then i can cross match definitions with someone fluent in persian language and he can suggest some changes or if im directed to a place where i can make some changes then i can so them to save you time


I translated all strings with google translate and uploaded them. I hope that helps. If you let me know your crowdin account name I’ll update your account permissions to allow overwriting translations.

PS: Unfortunately V3 had too few translations so I just ignored them.


Ok sweet. That’s fine. Username is: Shivank


Just a quick question regarding persian translation. For reporting side of things is it better to keep the numbers in english or we should also change them into desired language


This is how prices appears on Arabic translation. Reports also uses Arabic numbers.


Hi all, I would like to translate Sambapos for Vietnamese language and wanna to become a Sambapos reseller in Viet Nam. Please email me your policy of being a reseller. Thank you!


Hi, can you add Chilean Spanish?, i will help you to translate.



Hello, please fill in the application form in corporate section at


Hi, please send me your email I will send invitation to you for translation.


Vietnamese language please!


i need translate sambapos to laos Language how can i do


New languages are commonly community contributed. @Tayfun should be able to direct you.


help me
how can i do if i need translate


@Nueng_Mamipoko I received your email please check your email for response.


Thank you so muct


I want to to suggest to have khmer Language too , can I translate and have it on next update …


when we will be able to use spanish mexico language?


hello Emre
please Add Myanmar Language in Sambapos please


Please, change “Azərbaycanılı” to “Azərbaycanca”