SambaPOS V5 Translations


You can see translation history by clicking activity tab.

Seems like someone else suggested translations.

I’m not sure how it exactly works but seems like translations that have more votes are accepted. I think that happens when translations are in suggested state. To make them approved you can switch to proofreading mode and approve them.

If someone suggests incorrect translations we can undo all changes. If you want I can setup your account as manager so you’ll have more moderation options.

Regardless vote or approve status all translations are included but crowdin determines which translation will be used.


It was exactly that user you show in the screenshot - added crowdin suggested (some incorrect) machine translations to all missing translations but also for some reason replaced already human translated ones with the incorrect machine translated ones.


I don’t have Proofreading Mode on mine:


You should have now.


I have participated to translate French Language…
How to upload this to the directory ?



Can you add me to beta group please ? for french translate


Your in beta group already.


Sorry, I added the account :slight_smile:


hi went tough the post and didnt see any request for dutch language is it also gonna be in the new version or do i need to ask for it it first (allready helped in translating and voting for the translations that where allready done) if so i would like the support of the dutch language for next version if possible also if needed i woudnt mind to help with beta :wink:.

edit: just noticed Dutch language is supported now :sweat_smile: and i also see that all who helps get license and can join beta how do I get those as I helped with the Dutch language?


hi i’m so interested how can I download the beta mode I am interested in the Spanish Language ( Bolivia, Spain Argentina, Mexico) all those countries have the same language I dont know why there are different translation for the same language


All those languages already exist in the latest release 5.1.62 - you can download from here:

I would imagine even those languages are similar, there might be some regional variations on the way certain terms are used. Not speaking Spanish I wouldn’t know myself, but that’s usually the reason multiple variants of a language exist.


thank you for your promo response have a good day


I have no translation still the same!

Only a few words in Spanish


You are using an English database. Look in the Manage section, probably most of that is translated.

To get a Spanish database, you need to set the language to Spanish then create a new database. You should then get a sample database created that will be in Spanish.

If you want to keep your existing database, you will need to update the names of most of the Automation Commands yourself, plus other things.

However I am surprised the main menu isn’t translated… Which language did you select? According to CrowdIn, the 4 Spanish languages are showing as translated 91-92%.


I tried with the 4 Spanish Languages with the same result,unistall samba and install this new version could fix those issues?


What version are you currently using?

(double click SambaPOS logo in top left, it will switch to a window and you can see version number in title bar)




How to add Georgian?I want to translate


Id also like to add persian language and contribute to it as theres big potential in iran right now