Sambapos Very Slow on terminals

I installed SAMBAPOS V5 on a hp desktop core i3 as a server. I am using SQL express 2017.

SAMBAPOS RUNS normal on the server, but very slow in the terminals. I am extremely slow…

My network connection is fast is on LAN my speed test from terminal to the server is less than or equal 1milisecond.

Please, how do I solve these issues?

Time would be ping/latency which is one factor.
Bandwidth is other main one.
There are allot of factors which can effect network beyond plain speed stats.
What hardware are you using?

The same network I installed Sambo have run another pos software. It was not slow

Ok… so why bother asking a question.
If server runs find and slow on client machines either client machines are lower spec or network issue.
You will find samba has higher requirements than many other POS due to the nature of the customizability there is more back and forth to server vs some others.

It’s hard to help if you wont offer more info. So far all you have said is i3 server and sql17. As said there could be many causes but with just that basic info it’s hard to offer suggestions.
If I called a garage and said my car is under performing, it’s a 2.0l vw. What’s wrong what would you think garage would say. Obviously bring it in but obviously that’s not possible here. But they wouldn’t be able to say, oh yer it’s this exact issue…

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@Okokhue_Ferdinard What is the hardware spec of the terminals? There is minimum hardware requirements to running SambaPOS just as there would be with any software. For all we know you are running on a 10 year old system with 1Gb RAM and expecting it to work well. In the same way, your “other POS software”, maybe it was made 10 years ago and runs smoothly on such hardware, but SambaPOS V5 is up to date software, it works fast on modern hardware but you can’t expect miracles if you try to run on outdated hardware.

I’m a little confused as to when you were asked previously for the hardware spec of the terminals you instead brought up about other software, which is really irrelevant here. It only makes me assume the terminal hardware must be a low spec…

I am sorry for my reply. I didn’t really understand what the question was

Server Configuration Spec
Core i3-3220 intel @ 3.30GHz (4CPUs)
WINDOWS 10 x64

WINDOWS 10 x86

This slowness is a bone on my neck. if It can be solved, it means we have succed

Mark will have better idea about processor.
What’s with the slash? What’s exact spec.
2GB ram to me suggests an old machine.
Not sure about win 10 but 2gb for win7 I would expect sluggish use.

Some terminals are 2GB RAM and some laptops are 4GB RAM some are SSD 32gb some are 500HDD


Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (10.0, Build 10240) (10240.th1.170602-2340)
Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: Hewlett-Packard
System Model: HP Pavilion g6 Notebook PC
BIOS: InsydeH2O Version CCB.03.61.17F.46
Processor: AMD A4-3320M APU with Radeon™ HD Graphics (2 CPUs), ~2.0GHz
Memory: 4096MB RAM
Available OS Memory: 3562MB RAM
Page File: 4746MB used, 3445MB available

When you say slow, what is slow? What events are slow.
How customised is your setup. It is possible to configure features which are quite demanding. Custom entity state formatting using report expressions to report ticket details is a prime example as report ticket details is actually searching all tickets and needs to be run for each entity on the screen so if you have multiple report expressions in formatting and say 40 entities on screen that report then has to be run 80 times to load the entity screen.
There are other examples.

So in summary those machines with only 2gb of ram sound dated and with only 2gb wouldn’t expect rapid speed for much.
Your laptop has better specs, not best but better which comes back to network.
From what you say sounds like you have allot of terminals… if that’s the case network becomes more of a factor.
How are they connected? If wifi that is likely the issue/bottleneck of the network. Wired is always preferable where possible.
If you have allot of terminals key bottle necks could be switch/structure or main server machine hook up. With allot of terminals I would like to see a gb hookup for server at very least.

Check this post:
Serious Lag When Using Software - Especially Terminal Computer

Let me explain myself very well.

  1. My server is very fast. No issue this the server access sambapos.

  2. Terminal, I have just 2 terminals, 2 laptops, and two desktop PC.

  3. On the terminals or laptop or desktop PC, when you load Sambapos, it takes upto or more thank 45 seconds for the login interface to show.

  4. When you click on POS, to display table is is fast, when you go to manage and do any work is fast.

  5. But, the slowness comes when you click on a table (entity screen) to place place order. You will clicked on a product you wait upto 45 seconds or more for it to appear on the list. That is if a waiter or a server want to order 5 items it will take 45 seconds x 5 = 225 seconds for the order to be made.

  6. You said some about entity. I have 4, Sportbar, Lounge, Temple, and Outdoor. All have 55 tables each which is a total of 220 table.

The entity screen issue is only if you use custom format for state, not default colours etc which are updated to entity rather than reported live from db.

First starting samba can take a little time while menus etc are loaded into cache etc. There is allot within samba and like many programs startup is not instant.
But 45 seconds does seem slow.

From your description first question would be how much custom automation have you done.
That you specifically say when adding orders I would look at what automation you have on events like;
Order added
Ticket total changed
Also possibly if nothing interesting there;
Order state changed

You didnt answer if these client machines are hardwired network or wifi.

Hardwired. are are onnect via cable

Good, wifi is common issue cause when using cheap or low grade boxes.

Ok, so yer, would start with checking what automation you have for order added and ticket total changed first.
You sometimes see a delay on first order added after fresh samba start- presumably some form of cashing but after that normal use so a consistent delay on order added to me suggests issue in custom automation.

It is a fresh setup. I have not dnoe any automation

Cant be that fresh if you have the entity screens and entities you say.
Sure there isn’t any custom automation rules setup?
Havnt loaded a db or backup from somewhere?

I didnt do any custom automation automation rusles sir