SAMBAPOS4 backup problem!

Hi guys!
I am trying to make backup of my Sambapos V4, to uppgrade to Sambapos V5, but having a problem.
What understand so far is that i need to convert by database from CE to SQL Express in order to load the database in Samba V5?

So i have followed the toturial below to convert my database to SQL Express. I think i did all the steps like the tutorial, and have created a database named Sambapos, Copied all the lines and executed Query like the tutorial, but i still cant backup my database to SQL.

Right now im getting this error every time i press “Backup” on my SambaPOS4.

Any one have any ide how i should do?
i already bought the license for Sambapos5 and would like to use all my previous settings and Menu on the new sambapos5.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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