Save Report folder location


Just want to know if we are able to change the folder where the report is saved? EG. at this moment, when you go to report, and click save, the file is saved in " C:\Users\PCname\Documents\SambaPOS5 ", is there anyway we can amend this default location to different drive? with out searching for the folder? Some staff doesn’t know where to save and keep saving in the default folder.


You can use Save Report To File Action.

In your Work Period ended rule just add this action and name which report and where you want to save it. Easy way of not counting on staff to do it.

I mean the save button in report.

The staff need to run weekly report and monthly report and then save to the file. if we can change the default saving location then they don’t need to navigate to the correct folder…


No, I dont think it has this feature and it would be really strange if every deployment of SambaPOS suggested “your” preferred folder to everyone else, dont you think?

Whats stopping you from on Work Period Start event, you add constraint {DATE:ddd} EQUALS Mon and run Save Report To File actions with Report Name:Past Week?

Obviously do same for month but use {DATE:dd} EQUALS 01 constraint and run Save Report To File actions with Report Name:Past Month?

I never know how to do these sort of things. I will try to find out how does it work. Do you know where can I get more information about this?


Thank you very much…
you save my life again…