Save Report to File produces jibberish


Save Report to File action is making a txt file that I can’t read with notepad++ even after trying different encodings. I’m trying to email the daily report to our business partner.

Any help appreciated,

Files are saved in XPS format. You can’t change the file type.

Why xps ? Sorry, but who uses xps format ?

Since day one, SambaPOS has used XPS format manly due to open source PDF writers are unreliable. TXT is hard to format.

You can also export data, which saves to CSV, but I’m not sure there is a way to automate this.

XPS is a PDF like file format that implemented by Microsoft. XPS viewer installs with .net framework so we assume all computers that runs SambaPOS can display XPS files.

Thanks, fixed it. Just changed filetype to .xps and all is jolly. But just curious why not use HTML ?

.net framework have default support for xps files. Html is fine for displaying content but it needs additional development for creating printable documents. PDF is a nice alternative but since XPS viewer is a part of windows there is no need to install additional viewers.

And since SmabaPOS users already using windows, it’s a winwin situation. Thanks.