Second IE Window On Customer Display

At random times during the day a second instance of IE is showing on the Customer Display screen. This stays ‘on top’ and any subsequent orders show up behind that screen. Easy enough to close IE and all is well again but it would be great to stop it in the first place, any ideas?

Create a batch file and run on where you need. Execute the taskkill command like this:

taskkill /im iexplore.exe /t /f

Killing/closing IE is not really an issue, it’s ‘why’ it’s happening. But thanks for the reply :+1:

I’ve encountered the same issue in previous set-ups as well.

Never really found a solution besides using graphql and running the template vis gql.

It works great because the webpage gets updated in real time instead of having it re-printed/refreshed on the screening IE does via printer template.

Ok, I’ll search the graphql option, cheers.

I’ve set IE to start on the home page then set the homepage to the index.html file.

IE Issue


Good stuff.

I used to do this too.

As it turns out, its definitely a better option as it doubles up a lot less frequently, but sadly I still did notice double ups every now and then too.

I’m gonna try and look into building something via GQL using Qmk’s template maybe