Select user when settle


any way to Select user when settle without log out?

for me is not important much to know who take the order so i don’t like to use auto log out
(is just annoying to log in again and again all the time with a 4 letter pin code)
but it is important to me to know who settle the bill
so i’m locking for a way that every time that anyone press Settle it will ask to log in
or it can be even better if every time when it settled it will ask to mark wich user steeling (it can be like a tickt or order tag so it will show later on the ticket)
at the moment i’m using the solution from here (SettleLog)

but it forcing me to use auto log out.

Thank you

Have you thought about using rfid scanner and fobs? It’s all really cheap to pick up and is just a case of waving your fob over the scanner to log in.

Use ticket notes and record {:CURRENTUSER}

Well yeah, but my location is on undevelope island in Cambodia, so i have to keep it as simple as possible, adding more devices will just make it more complicated

Can you explain more what i need to do?
Thank you