How to see which user Settled a ticket

Hello and thank you for your time. I am looking for how to See who settled a ticket. A Google Search showed that this question has been answered before, but sadly i could not figure out how to apply it. Would it be possible to get some more in-depth directions? Its the only thing at this time, stopping our bar from using the Software.

Thanks in Advance

P.S: Below is the link to the previous post telling of this.

Identify the User who settled

@JDuncan you need to log users into ticket to track who settled ticket.

If you have DatabaseTools module here is the import file. (776 Bytes)

##Configuration Details


  • Add Ticket Log: Used to create a log line. Name it as Settle Log, enter a Category name (eg Settle) and [:Log] as Log value.
  • Display Ticket Log to display log.

###Automation Commands

Create an automation command, name button as Log and Map it to Ticket. Since you may need to see this button only for Paid tickets enter Visible State as Paid and clear Enabled State


  • Event Name is Payment Processed, Select Actions and add Settle Log action. Enter Log value as [:ProcessedAmount] [:PaymentType] Settled!
  • Handle Automation Command Executed event. Add a constraint to check Automation Command Name Equals Log and execute Display Ticket Log action.
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We have not bought any of the additions yet, as we were not sure if we will stick to this, but if that will do it i think we will be buying them this week. thank you very much

I’m releasing it for DatabaseTools owners. You can also configure it by following tutorials.

Yep but we were also looking at buying the extra tools as well if we use the POS :wink: They look like useful tools, and it supports you and your Services :smiley:

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Ok so talking to the Boss, she wants to be able to bring up a report of sales based on each user who worked the day. Opening and closing Reports does not work cause there are swing shifts that start part way through another shift, and end in the middle of the next. Is it possible to do per user reports?

If each user has a login, the Work Period Report will show their total sales for that period.

but they need a print out at the end of each shift, and each shift overlaps other shifts, so they cant just end a work period. They need a work period report per person, but you can only have one going at a time?

You can print a Work Period report at any time for the current Work Period.
I know it’s not a perfect solution, but it’s all we have at the moment until advanced reporting is implemented.