Selection of takeout/dine/delivery

So I’ve been looking to find a way to solve this problem, I thought i saw the page for it the other day, but i can’t seem to find it anymore.

My restaurant is a Thai restaurant, so we have only 1 menu, which I have for the most part finished, maybe needs some polishing to make it perfect for as for now it’s perfect.

However this is what I’m looking to do:
My restaurant is mostly Pickup and Deliveries.
is it possible to replace the pick table screen entirely?

so when i click POS, it would just go straight to the ordering screen.
on the ordering screen above the Settle / Close options
there would be a second row with two more buttons.
Button one options :
Pick up
Dine in.

Button two options would correspond with the first button’s choice. So if it’s pick up selected, it would have the second options of In Store / Grub Hub / Restaurant Website / Eat 24 /
if Deliveries is selected it would also be (Store Delivery/GH/ Store Website / Eat24/ then ask for address?
Dine in would be the table number choices. for example 1-2-3-4-5-6-7
This is basically done to catergorize everything without having to go back and forth. is that possible to do or am i too ambitious to attempt?
So while ordering it would look like this

basically its just to streamline the ordering process instead of canceling the whole ordering back and forth, is there any tutorial like this or was I just saying things? I thought i saw it on the forums but can’t reproduce the search outcome?

sorry, didn’t know the screen shot took both my screens. haha extra wide SS . but yeah is there a way to just revamp the whole ordering process from press POS.
from POS it would take me to the restaurant table layout and from there I would order.
however I only have 1 menu that does from dine in and take out. anyway to do that. also i haven’t gotten far enough to the delivery aspect of pos v4, how do i actually set up a section to take down all the customers information that would be saved in the customer database for future delivery orders and such?

Look in Manage > Settings > Departments

The Ticket Creation Method dictates the behavior:

  • Create Ticket will show the POS Ticket Screen (no need to select Table)
  • Select Entity will show an Entity Screen for Table or Customer Selection prior to being able to create a Ticket

You can even go as far as creating different Ticket Types, and different Departments for your different scenarios, and the Departments will appear at the bottom of the screen and react accordingly, bringing up the proper Ticket Type and Ticket Creation Method.

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@QMcKay thanks, but how do i work on that part in depth? when i change the create ticket option it still goes back to the same tablet selection page. is there an in depth way do this i’m lost on what this department does?

Must log out and back in to see the change

Yes its right U need to re sign in or re start to see the changes , and even I use the same kind of setting for my Dine -in and Take away its works fine for me even my prices also different but one menu .