Selling SambaPOS Custom Modules

I was planning to get in touch in person with everyone I know but I thought announcing it here may reach more people. I hope this finds you well.

On next week we’ll have a meeting on SambaPOS HQ and I want to discuss with team how can we sell custom SambaPOS solutions from Samba Market to support custom solution developers. It can be a custom setup, an additional module, an integration or a standalone app that works with SambaPOS.

If you’re interested I’ll request a demonstration video of your solution. You can post it here or send it to with explanation of what it does and pricing info.

It would be great if you can send it before 22/July/2018.

If you know someone have a useful SambaPOS module I’ll appreciate if you can mention he/her here.



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Hello Emre

We are glad that you come up with this idea. From few months we were thinking about samba as a complete retail solution. We already installed samba in retail businesses but we cant go toward big customers because of restaurant base software. As we already know that we could do everything in samba by scripts. But still we need just few changes that wont be hard for you to implement and for custom retail solution you could charge extra for it as we dont have any problem with that. Following are the few changes and addition things we wanted:

1- Many people looking forward to use samba as a retail software but do you have any plans for it? By changing some icon and tabs name like recipe and table etc.
2- The second point is the most important point about samba is to create samba as a standalone software. More than terminals should have their database installed in it. Just like Cash Register Express software.
3- Inventory system suppose to be more efficient like barcode scanning and we could be able to put more details in purchasing section like invoice no. Inventory reports suppose to show proper inventory item details like supplier name, when we bought, consumption and stock.
4- I dont know if you like this suggestion or not but do we need a promotion section where we could put items on special with a expiry date for the promotion.

We looking forward to work with samba team.

I really think Sambapos will remain restaurant focused and this thread was really asking for feedback towards custom modules etc for Sambapos not to convert it to retail.

They are working on something however that’s not sambapos and it may be retail friendly. However it may be quite some time before it is ready.

Thank you kendash for your reply. Are you talking about sambadna? If yes then can you please give us a small description for it? What is it really?

It probably is what he is referring to. It’s hard to explain but the ideas are very interesting. Not my place to discus but it should open up to be virtually fully customisable. It’s still very early days though so don’t hold out for it as expect it will take some time to get to the point of being public release.

Please explain the advantage(s) of selling custom modules via/thru SambaPOS site.

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These are the advantages I’m expecting to deliver.

Reaching more customers
Solution reaches more people through Samba Market and Reseller network.

Ease of payments
For developers it will be easier to receive payments for their solutions.

SambaPOS team reviews solutions for possible security issues.

Community Feedbacks
Developers may receive feedbacks from community and for customers it will also give an idea about the quality of the solution.