Send bulk email (help)

@JTRTech hi

entity screen I create


for individual customers : {ENTITY DATA:Customer:E-posta}

For all customers . ???

Can you help me

Need a context.
Using send email action?
You’ll need a loop action eith a report listing entity names then automation executed rule from that then calling entity detail for each email/loop using expression like that.

did all of them no problem

For all customers . {ENTITY DATA:Customer: ??? :E-posta}

I’m confused. What you just said makes no sense.

I can send a single email to customers.

I don’t know what to do to send to all customers


That won’t work you need a report tag to list all customers

okay so how
All customer e-posta??

Is is a fixed content email? Same for all?

Yes yes yes yes yes :grinning::grinning:

So in theory you don’t need look just comma separated.
HOWEVER there isn’t a BCC field in the action so you would be showing all the customer emails addresses to everyone which is very poor practice.
If it’s fixed content, why not export to something like MailChimp so you can sent a nice pretty email rather than plain text …

create multiple automation commands and send different e-mails

Different how, there a reason your being vaigue?
If you want to merge customer data either export data with emails and do MailChimp or similar
As said you need to do same comma separated list into a loop action
Loop action is a repeating automation command where given a list it triggers automation in loop per list value, so you feed in list of entity names, it passes that into automation command rule as command value.
Then in command executed rule using loop command name you then have you email action and use report expressions to ‘merge’ data into email where [:CommandValue] would be the entity name so for address you report entity data email for entity of commandvalue and likewise for email content merve values.
This is what I said before and you said done but ahowd a email action expecting to feed a list of entity emails in to field, like I said before through this would give same email to all and also show all the other customers emails in to field

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand.

I just want to throw mass mail via sambapos.

One click.

I think she’il understand me. @emre
we speak the same language.

@emre this feature he looking is very handy and looking to added in samba future versions ,where one business have more credit accounts .
and we have triggers in samba which is a big tool . example: 1st of every month it fires statements to send all customers with balance amount . which save lot of time, luckily i have few customers i gave credit and i do send statements 1 /1 each month.

@sezgin you could do this with a comma separated list as explained but as explained you would show all emails to customer without. bCC field.
Also how many emails is this going to be? Most email servers have likits on the number of emails per hour or so that can be sent.
Email marketing apps know this so usually have the ability to throttle the send rate.

@gsreddy this would be achiveable already in the way discribed above. A loop action setup would allow an email to be sent to every cusomter in sequence or even only those with balance with corrent report expression.
An issue as mentioned above if there is allow to send is you may hit the send limit of the mail server.

@JTRTech ohh thank you , What woild be the expression fir balance customers? Any one done ? Would help a lot.

Even without a report to list only with balance you could still report/list all entities and check for balance as a constraint on the looped rule just by checking that one entities balance.

how are we going to do. Can you show

You said you had done already?
You said ‘throw mass email’ and keep asking but don’t answer any of my questions…
Please explain exactly what type of email you are intending to send out and what type of content?