Send Email - Blank attachement

Hello Everyone,
I am trying to send tickets trhough email. I followed the the tutorial (Send email to customers (tutorial)).
Emails are sent with the txt attached but the document is blank. I went trhough a lot of opics regarding emails but could not find the solution.

Can anyone help me please?

Open the txt file. Is it blank?

Have changed to question as this will 99% be config issue rather than a bug.

Yes. Nothing is written

The thing that i have not done properly is the filenaming.
But I don’t know how to create that type of txt files. there some “:” in it and I am not able to create a txt file with a “:”

Where is you execute print job action?

I added to the Print ticket

Hello JTR, I am still stuck on this. By anychance do you have any lead?

Show your print job/actions etc…


![233|690x303](upload://hGvTiQoL3SmHLs2uXCBJ3De8 mvc.png) !

Again, where is the execute print job action?
You show the print job but no triggering action.

The email si sent when I press on “Imprimer Facture” in the pos Menu.

I appears in “the facture rule”

Ok, but not what I asked. If thats the case and this is the rule;

Where is the action to fire the print job ‘PrintForEmail’