Send email to customers (tutorial)


Because the informations are scattered everywhere in the forum I decided to create a step by step tutorial.

  1. Create a custom field “Email Address” in your Customers Entity.

  2. In Automation Menu create an Action with the following settings

    Action Name:Send Email
    Action Type:Send Email
    S M T P Server: your email service SMTP Server
    S M T P User: your email username (usualy is your email)
    S M T P Password: your email password
    S M T P Port: your email service Port
    To E Mail Address: [:To Address]
    Subject: [:subject]
    C C Email Addresses: [:To Address]
    From E Mail Address:
    E Mail Message: [:message]
    File Name: [:filename] (filaname is used to send attachment files read below)
    Delete File:
    Bypass Ssl Errors:
    Retry Count:
    Retry Minutes:

    I don’t recommend Gmail because it has very restricted security settings, but Outlook is working fine using this settings, or if you own domain name/hosting even better.

    S M T P Server:
    S M T P User: youremail
    S M T P Password: yourpassword
    S M T P Port: 25
    To E Mail Address:
    C C Email Addresses:
    From E Mail Address:
    E Mail Message:
    File Name:
    Delete File:
    Bypass Ssl Errors: False
    Retry Count:
    Retry Minutes:

  3. You implemment the action in the rule you want to execute (i used it for sending email to Delivery Customers as soon as their order is ready).

    To Address: {ENTITY DATA:Customers:Emai| Address}
    subject: what ever you want for subject
    message: Your message (REMEMBER: Email message body does not support multiple lines)
    filename: attach files to email (read below)

If you want to send attachment with you email do the following steps:

a) In Printing menu add a printer with settings:

Printer Name:Print For Email
Printer Share Name / Port Name: .
Printer Type: Custom Printer -  Save to File Printer
Character Set:
RTL Support:None
Line Count:O
Line Character Count:42

In settings menu you must add the path that txt files are stored. You must have already create the folder /s

b) Create a ticket template
I use a simple one just for customers quick information

-- General layout
<T>Coffee Shop
<C>Date: [=FD(ADD('{TICKET DATE}',0),'dd/MM/yyyy')]
<C>Time: [=FD(ADD('{TIME}',0),'HH:mm')]|
<L00>{TICKET STATE:Status}
<J00>      Thank You
[<J00>Change: |{CHANGE TOTAL} €]
-- Default format for order
-- Format for gifted orders
-- Nothing will print for void lines
-- Format for order tags
-- Table entity format
<L00>Table: {ENTITY NAME}
-- Customer entity format
<J00>Customer: {ENTITY NAME}
[<J00>Tel:{ENTITY DATA:Telephone} | Mobile:{ENTITY DATA:Mobile}]
[<J00>Address:{ENTITY DATA:DeliveryAddress}]     
[<C00>Points: {ENTITY DATA:Points}]
[<C00>Account Balance: [=F(0-TN('{ENTITY BALANCE}'))] €]
[ENTITIES:Gift Certificate]
<C00>Card: {ENTITY NAME}
<C00>Balance: [=F(0-TN('{ENTITY BALANCE}'))] €

c) Add a print Job

d)Next go to the Rule and add the txt file path to filename

I hope this tutorial will help you … :smile:


once I changed this setting gmail began to work for me.


and while I’m here you can set it up to be received as a text message on your phone


Can we send email in pdf format ?
how can we send email to a customer who request invoice after closing the ticket (in Resturant department)


Email supports printer tags. Can also save to file and send transaction file.


could you please show me your execute Email job Action


Hi this is my Email Action, as for the pdf you must have a pdf printer installer and set it to save with out asking.


Is it possible to add a linebreak into the email? I have tried \r <br>


Maybe if you write the body in a script and use.a call there. Though I have not tried that.


It works if I use an ? prompt for the message and use \r but I don’t really want that popping up everytime. I will try using some sort of script.


Try \r\n instead of just \r