Senior Citizen Discount

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I was wondering if anybody here can help me in implementing senior citizen discount. Here in the Philippines we are mandated to give out discounts to senior citizens. It involves calculations which i cannot figure out how. I am attaching a mock screen reflecting the calculations I need to properly implement this feature in my pos.

Here is how my screen should look like.

Here are also the formulas that i used to come up with my calculations.

VAT Sales

= (0.892857 * TICKET TOTAL * (GuestCount - SeniorCount)) / GuestCount

VAT Exempt Sales

= (0.892857 * TICKET TOTAL * SeniorCount) / GuestCount

12% Value Added Tax

= (0.107143 * TICKET TOTAL * (GuestCount - SeniorCount)) / GuestCount

Senior Citizen Discount

= (0.178571 * TICKET TOTAL * SeniorCount) / GuestCount


- GuestCount = 3
 - SeniorCount = 1

VAT Sales

= (0.892857 * 600 * 2) / 3
 = 357.14

VAT Exempt Sales
 = (0.892857 * 600 * 1) / 3
 = 178.57

12% Value Added Tax

= (0.107143 * 600 * 2) / 3
 = 42.86

Senior Citizen Discount

= (0.178571 * 600 * 1) / 3
 = 35.71

Balance to Pay

= VAT Sales + VAT Exempt Sales + 12% Value Added Tax - Senior Citizen Discount
 = 357.14 + 178.57 + 42.86 - 35.71
 = 542.86

@emre, @QMcKay and @Jesse, any help from you guys will be greatly appreciated.

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Shouldn’t VAT Sales + VAT Extemp Sales + VAT (?) give Ticket Total?


Senior Citizens Discount is VAT Exempted here in the Philippines. For example, 1 senior citizen dined in and total bill is 112 vat inclusive. We take out first the vat before applying the 20% discount which is

VAT Sales = 0
Non VAT Sales = 100
12% VAT = 0
SC Discount (20%) = 20

Balance to Pay = 80

I am reading this and trying to follow the logic but its confusing me and the math is not adding up. I must be missing something?

if VAT sales+ Non VAT Sales +VAt does not equal Ticket Total then what exactly is VAT?

shouldnt the VAT = 48 if Ticket Total was 600?

Where is the 0.892857 coming from?

Your first example… wouldnt VAT sales = 400 VAT Exempt = 200?


My menu prices is inclusive of 12% VAT. Senior Citizens Discount is given proportionately. In my mock screen I have total of 3 guests and 1 of them is a senior citizen. So senior citizen discount only applies to the 1/3 of the total bill which is 200. And since 200 is still VAT inclusive I still have to take out the 12% VAT out of 200 before giving out 20% discount. This is how we do it in the Philippines.

Those number that i have shown on my calculations are just constants derived from the simplification of the original formula.

In my mock screen, if there are no senior citizen present, the calculation will be:

VAT Sales = 535.7142
VAT Exempted Sales = 0
12% VAT = 64.2858
Senior Citizen Discount = 0

If there are no senior citizen then VAT Sales + VAT Exempted Sales + 12% VAT = TICKET TOTAL, However, if there are senior citizens present then VAT Sales + VExemptedS + 12VAT < TICKET TOTAL which is correct.

I have already setup my calculations. I just cant figure out how to show calculation without affecting the ticket total. As you can see here on the attached image… VAT Sales is being calculated properly because that is the first calculation. The succeeding calculations doesnt give me the correct amount because after the first calculation has been made… TICKET TOTAL is already changed. I dont know which option to select (ie, include tax, decrease amount, use plain sum, or toggle).

So that 600.00 was including the 12% VAT? So your saying the actual price of item is 535.71 + 12% VAT = 600 (Rounded)

So the amount for senior would be 178 - 20% = 143 (Rounded for simplicity)

Total price = 543 (rounded for simplicity)

I understand you now… i just used a different formula…

But why would VAT Sales = 357.14 … wouldn’t it be 400? If VAT is included in menu price.


Yes VAT Sales = 357.14… this is the VATable Sales (VAT Sales is just my shortcut name for Vatable Sales, im sorry if i had you confused)…and is subject for 12% vat. If you add the VAT Sales + 12% VAT… = 400.

For simplicity… if all guests are not senior citizens… I will just show the VAT Sales and the 12% VAT. but if there are senior citizen guests then I will have to show all the computations (ie, vat sales, vat exempt sales, 12% vat and the senior citizen discount). Also if all the guests are senior citizens, I will just need to show the vat exempt sales and the senior citizen discount.

I just cant figure out how to show the breakdown using calculations. Is there anyway this can be done without using calculations? Because the Bureau of Internal Revenue here in my country (IRS in the US) requires that this breakdown be shown so we could have accreditation for the POS, by having an accreditation we can issue the ticket being printed as an official receipt.

I would really appreciate if you could point me in the right direction on how to do this.

Thanks again.

Some of it you could use ticket tags and your formula. Combination of the two might suit you.

So you need the 12% VAT to be included in the price. But you have to show it on ticket right?

I put it all as tag which calculates correctly. I can make all the necessary account documents for vat sales, vat exempt sales, 12%vat and senior citizen and make them all appear on the ticket using my printer template. The only problem now would be how to reflect the correct balance on the ticket.

as in the attached image… the correct balance should be 542.86. I can also make the correct balance appear on my printed ticket using my formula but definitely cannot settle the ticket with incorrect balance when there are senior citizens discount.

We are getting somewhere… so now lets figure out how to reflect it to settle correctly.

What if you use the Update Ticket Calculation action… pulled amount from your Ticket Tag… could make it a command button… or we could try and figure out a way to make it automatic.

All you would need to do is pull the amount from Senior Citizen Discount Ticket Tag into the calculation.

Few questions… how are you telling it how many senior citizens were part of the ticket?

You would create a Calculation Type select Fixed Price with transaction type to support it.

Create an Update Ticket Calculation action select your calculation use variable [:Senior Discount] for Amount.

Create a rule to handle it you would put [TN=('{TICKET TAG:X}')] for Senior Discount

Be sure your rule executes the action after the ticket tag is generated. Maybe you could set it to execute via command button or if you want to automate it… set it to execute immediately after your ticket tag holding the value is made.

Not sure if it would work but could try it. X being the name you used for Senior Citizen Discount ticket tag

I have a ticket tag with a button that updates the count of the senior citizen

Thank you for all the efforts that you have been giving me accomplishing this. I will try putting up a ticket calculation. I will post my results…

If it works you could tell your ticket template to not print the Senior Discount tag… and print the calculation for that. So you do not see it listed twice on receipt… or if you want it listed twice it really would not matter because it would not affect the actual amount.

Hi @Jesse,

I followed ur advise on using combination of ticket tags and calculation for my senior citizen discount and they work beautifully with all the correct calculations and how they appear on the receipt. i really couldnt thank you enough for all your help that you gave me. here are some of my screens…

ticket screens

receipt output

account screen

one question here on the account screen. can i exclude the Sales (highlited) because it messes up the accounting figures. my supposed total sales figure is 2271.42 and if subtract the senior citizen discount then i would arrive correctly with my Cash figure. Is it possible to exclude the Sales? Or did I make wrong accounts? :smiley:

transaction details screen

this is perfect as all the transactions are recorded. the only problem i have with this screen is that it is not linked to the ticket. if i highlite one item and click find ticket… it is not showing up. it would be best if i can be able to open the original ticket for auditing purposes.

could you still spare me some of your knowledge/time? I am really very grateful to you for without you i couldnt even imagine how i could come up with all of these.

thank you very much and hope to hear again from you.

EDIT: if you need a copy of my database, i am very much willing to attach/send it to you. thanks again.

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Which account VAT Sales transaction debits? I think it should debit Sales account since you mean to factor sales figures into vat accounts. As you both credit Sales and VAT accounts it seems like multiple transactions.

While crediting an account you should always think which account you should also debit. The total of sales accounts + discounts + cash amount should always be 0.


could you point me in the right direction on how to fix it? i am attaching my transaction types for your reference

transactions type

also how can i make transactions document to link to the original ticket? as i have mentioned on my previous reply, all my transactions document, when i highlight it and click on find ticket… it doesnt show anything. is it possible to link my manually created documents to their original ticket?

thank you very much,


You will need to redo the accounting. You were not completely off base but you got some of your directions wrong with where you are placing the transactions. Let me look at your stuff a little and I will try to help you.

Thanks @Jesse. If you need a copy of my database I am more than willing to send you.

Sure pm me a copy and I will look at it for you. Would be easier


PM’d you copy of my database. Thanks