Separate Prints by Quantity Sum

Hi guys!

I am trying to print kitchen orders separated by quantity.

If order:

  • 2x Pork Dumplings
  • 3x Chicken Dumplings

It will print total of 5 tickets in the Kitchen. What I am trying to achieve is to make it print 2x tickets. One ticket should have 2x Pork Dumplings and another should have 3x Chicken Dumplings.

What am I missing here?

Kitchen Template

Here is Print Job settings

I am sure I am missing something basic…

Is that not what that option is meant to do? Not at PC - what are other options in the drop-down?

Yeah, I think that’s what its supposed to do.

These are the options

Individual Orders by quantity gives you a big long ticket with a breakdown, something like this.

  • 1x Pork Dumplings
  • 1x Pork Dumplings
  • 1x Pork Dumplings
  • 1x Chicken Dumplings
  • 1x Chicken Dumplings

Not sure it’s the correct answer, but what about creating a separate print job for each product group then just change it to All Lines

Edit, actually I think that is right, as technically you’re wanting 2 receipts so it’s a different print job.

Then in the rule to print you’ll want to add the 2 actions to print them both

Ill keep that in mind but I want to separate them by Product. If that was the only way to solve the problem I would have to have hundred different template or print jobs :sweat_smile:

Hmm, ok, the options aren’t what I thought then, I would have presumed the results like you were expecting…
Sure that was the case from old dicussions about printing labels. Unless something has inadvertently changed. Maybe cross reference topic about label printing from few years back.
Worst case can think of a workaround using order state updates to ‘loop’ through order lines but would have expected your setup to do what your asking.

Were you referring to this post?

Oh man… Problem is that I dont have few items that have to be printed that way, its all 200+ of them.

Emre said this;
First one expands 5 X Coke to five 1 X Coke lines in ticket print.
Second one does the same and prints each line on separate papers
Which goes along with what we both thought it should be.

Have a look when you are at the PC. Because all I get is 5x separate dockets with only 1x Product each.

Only way to do it is to hunker down and create a mapping and print job for each product. It will take you a while. That is what mappings are for.

So am I misunderstanding what emre said?

So thats basically almost 300 print jobs and have them all in Ticket Closing rule?

Or 1 print job with 300 mappings?

If it comes to it I would maybe look at using a custom order state flow and print in order state updated event.
Update orders to say printing then update event triggers print of printing state then extra update in closing sets printing to submitted. Just an idea, not tried.

Maybe Ill have to something like this becauase I really dont want to clone 300 print jobs. Thats good if you have few items but for this many its not a good solution.

Is it really a problem to create a hardcoded option “Separate prints by quantity sum”?

I am not exatly sure how is it being processed by the printer thats why I am asking.

If emre was still with us im sure it would be done tomorrow/next update but less likely now.