Server Banking, Is it Possible?

This question came up for me sooner then I had hoped. Two of my customers have server banking. Can we support this feature?

Their expectations:

Each waitress keeps all the money in her pocket until the end of her shift. When she wants to cash out she will print her own report that will tell her how much she has in credit cards and cash. She will then turn in that amount of cash that the computer tells her.

Each waitress will not be allowed to cash out until all her tables are closed.
Also each waitress will only have access to print her own reports.

What do you guys think is the best approach for this? Or is it even possible?

We can report payment processed user can’t we???

Yeah the only thing I’m confused about is letting them close out at the end of the shift. Owner told me he doesn’t want to let them print report if they have any open tickets. Could I create rule if they have a ticket open they can’t print report/closeout

Cant see why not, close out button to print report and add constraint to check for open tickets based on whatever your tracking servers with.
I would have a two route flow, if open tickets an ask question saying you have open tickets. I usually try to always either not show a button or have something happen every time wether it be the desired actions or a prompt so they know why the button isn’t doing what they expect it to do.

This is whats confusing me. How can I automate the reports for each user. I dont want the waitresses to see other waitresses totals.
Say I put in this code, every every waitress can see everyone’s totals. Also would like this to work automatically as they add users in the future. I somehow need to pull the user logged in tag and put it into the report so it generates it for that user:

 [User Sales:1, 1] 
 @{REPORT PAYMENT DETAILS:P.User,P.Amount.Sum::{0}:,} 
 [Settled by $1:1, 1, 1] 
 {REPORT PAYMENT DETAILS:P.Name,P.Amount.Percent,P.Amount.Sum:(PU=$1)} 
 >Total Income|{REPORT PAYMENT DETAILS:P.Amount.Sum:(PU=$1)}

You could create specific Entity Screen for each user. Use custom navigation screen and custom navigation layout for each user. So when users login they only see their automation command via their layout and nobody else

Okay that sounds good. Can you please give me a quick tutorial. I have absolutely no experience with reports since I never really needed custom reporting.


Its in the forum do some digging. I am really trying to work on something else and digging that up would be way off track for me atm. I know its in the forum because I have dug it up many times before. Search for Navigation Layouts.


This wouldn’t be automated when they add new users. If I have 30 restaurants, thats going to be ALOT of maintenance everytime they get a new waitress. Is there any way I can automate all of this so they can add new users themselves and it all works without my assistance

No there is no way to automate that. You have to manually create the Navigation Layout once you edit their Layout name to match the username. Additionally it goes by user role not username… so each user would have to have their own role…

Perhaps that idea wont be good for you then.

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Server banking is huge here in the U.S.
@emre Is there anyway we can consider implementing something.

I was hoping id somehow be able to map a report and also insert {USER NAME} Tag

Server Banking is posssible now… thats not the issue… what your wanting to do is different… your talking about not letting them look at other users reports.

Ok I have it… create a custom entity screen. Use a Custom report Widget… design it to load a report based on a variable that uses {:CURRENTUSER} tag.

It will only ever show the report that fits the Current User.

I think My old Time Clock tutorial had something like that.

I mean in your report for the expression P.User use {:CURRENTUSER} so PU={:CURRENT USER}

Okay sweet. Still not going to be automated tho right? Its fine for now but I think we should really consider fixing this since more then half of the restaurants here use server banking. I have a feeling theyre going to be calling me every few weeks to add new users. That doesn’t seem like a practical setup in a business perspective.

Yes it would be automated… why wouldnt it be?

Oh okay I understood that wrong. YES thanks alot man. Appreciate your assistance.

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I cant remember if its {:CURRENT USER} or {:CURRENTUSER} but I think its the 2nd one.

Ok for the report it needs to be {SETTING:CURRENTUSER} it has to be long form.


How would I build a report to show cash and credit card totals for that waitress?

Also can I put print report button and not allow it to print if that username has any open tickets?

Im sorry man I just have absolutely no clue how to use our reports module. I do plan on learning it I just have been trying to focus on tablet performance atm.

You can automate that just use print report action and an automation command button with constraints checking for open tickets. Probably need to use a report syntax to check for that.

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I finally got it all working, thanks alot man. If they wanted to input credit card tips so that computer can automatically deduct that from cash that they owe to manager how would I store tips amount and display that on report? I would love it if there was a field to enter tips total on same entity as my report. Soon as that tip amount is entered report will update with tip amount and they can now print that report.

Also can I remove the entity screen mapping but still navigate to it with navigation custom command button? I dont want it to show on their main screen