Service Charge inclusive

How to show Total as 80. With Tax and Service charge included in the price.

Please assist

Go to your ticket type and set it for tax included.

@Jesse that makes Tax not being added… not the service charge. The above screenshot shows Service charge is getting added.

I followed this guide to add Service Charge

I want it to show the service charge, but not add it on total

Sorry you said tax in your topic. Service charges will always show as another charge. You could add another tax and call it your service charge. But that may not work since your probably including tax.

You can make it show on the ticket printout how you want but not that screen.

then it would differ on the end of day right? could there be any other way around to do this?

Can you explain your use case? Are you treating it like commission?

Hi @JTRTech,

I want is to show that, service charge + tax is included in the price of the products.
Below is a modified picture of how i want it to be,
Service charge 7% of 80 = 5.60
Tax 6% of 80 = 4.85

But i couldn’t make it as so, my Service charge is getting added, like shown below

Ok, is it a flat rate?
How do you need it reporting? or is it just a visual thing for customers?

It’s a flat rate. I need it same on the billing too…

what are you refering to as billing?

I mean customer receipt.

OK, if your not doing anything fancy like staff entity accounts in samba for distribution you could simply display it visually on printed receipt.
many do similar for non included ‘sugested’ tip calculations just rather than adding a tip your calculating a % included.

Thanks for the suggestions @JTRTech

I have been able to achieve this, but the calculation of tax is wrong somehow…
I have added two taxes, one named as Service Charge. and other named as GST.

I want it to show the
6% GST of 183 = 10.98
Service Charge 7% = 12.81

What could i have done wrong ?


Am sorry for the trouble, but am complete noob with SambaPOS

That’s not what I suggested but try changing the sort order of tax types. I’ve only ever used one tax personally but sure sort order has an effect.

may i know where i can change the sort order ?

Sorry, onscreen will show as single tax but should show as separate on print.
Does on screen really matter so long as accounts and print is correct?

onscreen i don’t mind now, the issue is the tax calculation values are not correct as you can see…
accounts and print screen showing wrong tax calculation.

Just to confirm, how are you calculating?
Is there vat on service charge?
Have you tried changing sort order of taxes? Sort order is on right on the tax templates screen.

yes, i have added VAT on Service Charge and GST.