Service Charge inclusive

also i have changed the Sort Order, this didn’t help

I misworded that, VAT is oour GST.
Is ther GST on service charge?

Following is how i set it.

Thats not what i asked?
is there GST on service charge?

no there isn’t a GST on service charge

do you calculate service charge on net or gross price?

:confused: i want to calculate it on from the total amount of the products added.

Camel Lights 80.00
Spaghetti 80.00
Total 160.00

I want to calculate the Service charge for 160. Customer should pay 160 total.
It is inclusive of Service charge and GST.
Am sorry for the trouble, and thanks for the help

yes, but those prices are including tax and service. So working backwards it matters both if tax is on service and if service if calculated as 7% of net or of gross price.

To me your numbers are wrong…
In my experiance if you show prices including tax service would be calculated on total value after tax.

If your ticket total is 183 to take off a non taxed service charge it would be 183/107100=171.0280374 which makes service 11.97196.
This then means that the tax amount at 6% on a gross price of 171.02… would be 171.0280374/106
100 = 161.3472051 which is 9.680832 tax.

@JTRTech i think you have understood what i am trying to do… could you tell me how i can accomplish this, the correct way to do this… As i am totally new, would be great if you could explain a bit in detail

Well start by explaining how you came to these values;

Unless we can understand your needs its hard to offer sugestions.
Plus the number of people on the forum in that past who themselves dont know how tax actually is calculated often say tax is wrong when actually their maths is wrong.
is our VAT here is 20%
We show total including VAT
so £100 in vat isnt £20 VAT its 100 including vat so its actually 83.33333 net plus 20% (16.66666) total inc 100.

I calculated as follows:
6% GST of 183 = 183x6/100=10.98
Service Charge 7% = 183x7=12.81

I guess it is showing correct ? so my maths is probably wrong ?

OK, so there are issues with that logic.
You cant calculate both % on a gross price like that as described above.

When you change the sort order do the tax amounts change?

no it doesn’t change

  • 1 Water 1.5 L 12.00
  • 1 Water 500 ML 6.00
  • 1 Nuts Small 5.00
  • 1 Camel Lights Pack 80.00
  • 1 Camel Hard Pack 80.00
    6% GST: 9.72
    Service Charge 7%: 11.34
    Total: 183.00

I followed your calculation method
6% GST : 183/106x100 = 10.358
7% Service Charge: 183/107x100 = 11.971

But still calculating both from the total which isnt right.

If using tax for both, and looking at your ticket above samba is calculating both tax templates both from a net amount, i think mathematically given a tax inclusive setup whereservice is included at 7% on gross price changing service to 7.42% should work mathmatically.

service 7% in that 11.97196
net of service 171.028
gst 6% in that 9.680832
net of gst and service 161.3472 171.028 183
service at 7% on net price of 171.028 7.42 11.97196

is there any doable way to achieve what am trying to do here…?

would be happier if @Jesse can confirm my thoughts but setting service to 7.42% I think would achieve what I believe you want.
I am slightly concerned that greatest respect that you dont truely know what you need since your calculations are incorrect.
In UK a fixed non-optional service charge would be vattable (have gst on it itself) ie
including vat of 16.666 at 20%
our service charge would be calculated on gross value (100)
If it were 10% that would be total of 110
10 service would include vat aswell at 20% so total would be;
110 total including 10 service charge
total vat charged (included) would be 18.333333

net good value 83.333333
net service 8.33333333
total net value 91.66666667
total vat 18.33333333
gross total 110.00

although (I guess because im used to seeing consumer prices as including tax/vat) Im not so keep on those countries which use exc tax pricing there is something to be said for being simpler to handle multiple taxes LOL