Setting up a set meal

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know how to set up a set meal?

You need to be more descript in your questions for good answers.
You have options like order tags with a product called set meal.
Or can price you courses accordingly to match the same total which is what I have done as that allows order tags on the individual courses.
We need more info to make good suggestions.

Well the set meals are basically like this…

Meal one - 12.45 pounds

  • Onion Bhaji
  • Chicken Tikka
  • Chicken Balti
  • Bombay Aloo
  • Nan

I hope you understand

And they are fixed?

Either have a set meal product with tags… You can automatically tag using the menu properties tables.
Or you could get creative and make an automation to add the items automatically.
You could make add these items full price then apply a set meal discount to adjust total to relative package.
Many options.

Yes they are fixed, which method would you say is the most simplest and easiest to use

I guess you would use an order added rule with tag order actions?

Simplest way…

Product = Fixed Meal 1 @ 12.45

Kitchen knows what that is…

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He has a new chef? He don’t know what goes in what… maybe?

Just a thought, its not a bad assumption.

Your options in v4 are limited. V5 it might be easier to build but can you answer one big question. Does it matter about inventory? Are you tracking inventory?

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Time to learn lol.

If an issue just make a basic set of fixed menu order tags and then set these on the menu product properties table so they are automatically selected.

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Good point my friend :+1:

Well technically am not tracking inventory but if new members of staff do come in then they wont know what the fixed menu consists of

Ok well the cool option is only available in v5. You can get idea of it here:

That link covers inventory setup but it also teaches you some nice advanced usage of Order Tags and building products that use Order Tags for parent product. That is not an exact method but you could deduce various ways from it.

The other method is like they said just create a recipe with the set products in it for that set meal. If no options change in the meal then there is really no reason to set them up separately

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Hi CutPay,

please take a look at the link to the discussion below, I have implemented a similar solution into my restaurant.