Setting up a ticket for Consumables

We are looking at using Samba in a disco where we have a
scenario where a customer will pay for a VIP seating for a minimum price which
is consumable in drinks.

For example, the customer pays a minimum of $1,000 for VIP
seating. The ticket would have an order item for VIP Seating - $1,000. His
party orders drinks and is tracked on the ticket for sales & inventory purposes.
When it’s time to settle the bill, the following situation could occur and what
we want Samba to do:

  1. His party spend only $925, so his bill would still show they need to pay $1,000

    a. It would be nice somehow categorize the $75 as extra profit in Samba, but not required

  2. His party spend only $1,125, so his bill would show they need to pay $1,125

Any suggestions would be appreciated

First of all, I don’t think the title of your thread is very helpful. Maybe this is food/drink terminology that I don’t understand, but to have the best chance of reciving relevant assistance, I would suggest changing it to “track individual customer spending” or something like that.

With regards to your query, take a look at customer accounts and miscellaneous products

One type of entity can be a customer and a customer can have an account assigned to them. This is a special type of account that although can be shown in the regular accounts section within SambaPOS the account is also directly linked to a customer (who has a name, phone number, address, whatever you like).

By setting up the correct Account Transaction Documents you can process a payment through the accounts screen. This is where you would accept the $1000 in to the till and credit the $1000 to the customer account.

Now, once the customer has the $1000 credit with you, you can open a ticket and assign the customer to the ticket. At the top of the ticket you will see the customers’ current balance. You can add a round of drinks to the ticket and then settle the ticket. But instead of settling the ticket for cash, instead you will settle it using the “Customer Account”. This will reduce the customers’ balance.

With a good ticket template, you can explain things like “Previous balance, money spent this round, balance remaining”.

If the customer over-spends, great! You can just keep ringing through extra drinks and settling each ticket against the customer account. Eventually the customer account will go through zero (0) and start becoming a debt (again, you can print this on the ticket). By the end of the night the customer will have a series of tickets (a ticket for each round of drinks) and you will be able to tell them how much extra they owe (which you can process through the accounts screens).

If the customer doesn’t over-spend, then you can create one final ticket and add a “miscellaneous product” to the ticket and give it a price equal to remaining balance on the customer account. Settle this very last ticket and then the customer account will equal zero (0). In terms of reporting, you can filter or report on just this one particular miscellaneous product to see how many times you are making money by VIPs under-spending.

Take a look around and you will also see the @QMcKay has also provided a very detailed tutorial on how you can setup a very fancy system particularly geared around customer accounts, this could be something to look in to, but I found it rather daunting when I started out with Samba.

First, thank you for the quick response. While the title may not be perfect, its a standard term in the industry for discos.

I general like the your idea and we maybe able to make it work, but my only concern is these customer can be anyone and may only come in once, so need to understand the challenges with setting a customer up and making sure it doesn’t come unmanageable.

Yes, but you need to remember most people on the forums are not running discos. I actually run a dive shop in Mexico, but as much as possible I try to keep requests generic, or if anything linked to something you might find in a restaurant.

Have a read around and you’ll see the process of setting us customer account payments and receipt printing te plates will take a little bit of time. But, setting up a specific customer really doesn’t take long at all (probably around 15-20 seconds. But if you prefer, you could just use customers such of “VIP CUSTOMER 1” etc etc

If you dont want to use customer accounts and start having loads of people added to your system that may never use the account again try setting up a tab system using tickets. I set up this system as an alternative to using accounts for bar tabs as i didnt want to store loads of people with accounts that wouldnt use them again

Here the tutorial

I think this is what you want.

Hi Emre,

This is exactly what we are looking for. The setup seems straightforward. My only question is there a way to enter the minimum spend when you first create a ticket for the VIP table?

The reason is on slower nights, we might lower the minimum spend or as we get closer to closing time.