Setting Up Custom Discounts

Hello. So I have been using SambaPOS for a while now and love it. I have version 5. I was following this tutorial, DISCOUNT - Any Item - Ask Custom Amount and I have it 99% working. I am having issues getting the discount to come off of the total ticket price. For example I ring up an item and discount it $5.00 but the discount does not reflect in the price. I have to be missing something.

Post screenshots of your:

  • Discount Order Tag Group and Discount Tag list.
  • Discount Rules with Actions expanded.

Looks fine as far as I can see.

Create an Action of Type Display Ticket with:

  • Action Name: Refresh Ticket
  • Action Type: Display Ticket
  • Ticket Id: 0 (zero)

Add that ^ “Refresh Ticket” Action to your Discount Rules as the last Action.

I spot a mistake… It’s missing a colon on CommandValue in the action for TagPrice that explains it putting the tag name but no actual price. It’s doing - 1*0.

In your rule the expression for TagNote is CORRECT but the expression for TagPrice is not.

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Thanks so much, that did it!

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