Setting up v5. help with employee screen, separate entree and mains

Hi guys great software, just what i need.
played with v4 yesterday, and installed v5 today. few question i have if you can help do i add keypad for staff login in pos (which will print name of staff in ticket)
2. how can i add line to ticket to separate entree and mains?
3. can i add button in pos which will send ticket to kichen saying (start cooking mains for x table)?
4. can i have fix kitchen note which will add instruction on ticket on single click.?

Hi pathir… the search function is really strong and fast…
I suggest you start using it to look out for tutorials and examples:

I used it for the 1st point:

for the 3rd:

There are literally tons of examples!!!

if you need further help just shout!


You can take a look at this here and experiment with it if you like. It may not be exactly what you want but you could install it and try it out and modify it for your needs.

thanks buddy. i been reading forum for two days. i will try again with fresh mind and cup of coffee.
thanks all for reply