Setup main server with 3 terminals

I’m having trouble setting up the main computer with additional 3 terminals. Can you please help or explain not just provide me the link the high level overview to see what step I am missing or overlooking I have setup sql 2017 express.

Come on, people will help if you actually ask a question…
You need to explain so we can understand the issue.

Think of it like this, your car is making an odd noise.
You call a garage to ask what noise is but dont tell them what type of noise, where it’s coming from and cant take your car to the garage for them to look/listen for themselves.

All you have told us is your having trouble setting up main computer… for all we know you could mean it wont turn on…get what I’m saying?

Explain what point you have got to, what you have done so far, what is happening that you need to seek help, what error/message your getting.
Ideay take a few screenshots to help us understand the situation.

Guys you really need to provide better customer service the way you speak to your customers. I have actually figured it out as the guide here missed out a step to state that the server should be localhost at the end ( I was unclear how to explain my issue as I am new to samba so the setup that I need is

server - (main pc) and add terminals. From the documentation it is unclear whether it should be that SQL is installed on server as well as terminals or just the server.

You haven’t stated your problem, haven’t shown us what error you are getting, haven’t uploaded any videos or screenshots and you just expect everyone to understand whats happening on your side?

This is technically a forum where you ask questions not a place to get free support. Anyone that attempts to help you here is doing it out of their own time and will.

Glad you managed to sort it out.

Please implement a rating system so that I can rate you negative. At least now I know as I did not know being new to Samba. It was the docs that was unclear thus resulting me in coming here.

You should refer to Community Guidelines on how to post questions about your problems and good luck getting help in the future with that attitude :sweat_smile:

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Thanks kindly advise where I can get a refund for the purchase of Samba. Requesting a refund based on your last reply.

What you need to realise is that the people in this forum do not work for samba, they have their own businesses and dedicate their own time to helping people on this forum for free, because we like to help

What you didn’t do is give a clear indication of what your issue was so no one could properly help you as we didn’t know what your issue actually was

Think how frustrating it can be from our point of view when someone pops up and says “this isn’t working what have I don’t wrong?”

How do we know, we haven’t seen what you have done or tired to even begin to diagnose what you have done wrong

And the point that @Posflow was making is that you come across with a pretty bad attitude to people in the forum, people who help and post in here for free in their own time and who have nothing to do with samba other than using it and learning it for their own individual businesses.

So speaking to people like you have will annoy them and won’t make that particularly interested in helping you, you just seem to have entered this forum with a completely negative attitude which has annoyed The people you need to help you


This is not a customer service forum it is a community forum where everyone tries to contribute to the betterment of the project. Some of our members are very passionate about SambaPOS. You are not a customer of theirs and you didn’t pay them for any support, however I agree we can get a little annoyed quickly on here when someone expects to get help without clearly explaining what is wrong.

I’m glad you found your answer, to be clear though the knowledge base you referenced has every step and did not miss a step. Perhaps you missed something but went back and found it?