Shivan's Tutorial 2 - Order Courses & Order Grouping


Thanks @Shivan

I have got it working on the same order number but how to bring all the groups together on different order (same table)?



Im not sure if that can be done like that, as you have submitted the last order. Technically speaking once order is submitted, it separates new order from submitted so you can tell at what time was another order submitted etc


got it - is there a way to not submit the order, but put it on hold?

Typical example is when a waiting save the order (before send to kitchen) and go back to client to confirm, then the order can be start from where it left.


The only way would be to not close the ticket.


I know that sounds like crazy, is there a way to copy the last submitted order as a new ticket and void the last one?

So sorry for being a pain…


Why? Although orders aren’t grouped on ticket screen due to split order session but you know kitchen printer etc will be able to show joined like your asking.


I understood - it is more for “seeing” it on the EPOS screen


Even if you void the old ones will still be there and I would say cause just as much confusion, expecially in the kitchen of you haven’t got a way to hold the orders.
Kitchen print will show all merged as you are asking but only if printed at the same time, so you’ll need either a kitchen reprint method or a way to hold and not print to kitchen between sessions.


the way it is different is that the kitchen will not receive the print out until the wait is 100 percent confirm with their current order - the order will not sent to kitchen when closing.

to clone the ticket, I can see it from here.

so whats got let is to void the last order.


You need to build a pre-order ticket flow with proper states etc. So you don’t have to do the void stuff


That wouldn’t change the order grouping though would it? For items in a group added before and after close/reopen?


I’m not sure. What he’s wanting to do is definitely not normal. I don’t understand it considering its a lot of automation just so it looks certain way




How to make the Print order tag print at the right place ?

As you can see the item PK01 already grouped as Starter, but on the kitchen printer ticket, it is not printing out on “Starter” section

Table:{ENTITY NAME:Table}
Ticket No:{TICKET NO}

[ORDERS GROUP|PRODUCT TAG:cid:Function,Starter,Dcks,Grilled,SeabassPot,Maocai,Main,NdlsBar,RiceDplg,Dessert,Drink]



{ITEM TAG:mid} {ITEM TAG:ename}

[ORDERS:PRODUCT TAG:cid=Starter,Dcks,Grilled]

{ITEM TAG:mid} {ITEM TAG:ename}

[ORDERS:PRODUCT TAG:cid=SeabassPot,Maocai,Mains]

{ITEM TAG:mid} {ITEM TAG:ename}

[ORDERS:PRODUCT TAG:cid=NdlsBar,RiceDplg]

{ITEM TAG:mid} {ITEM TAG:ename}


{ITEM TAG:mid} {ITEM TAG:ename}


{ITEM TAG:mid} {ITEM TAG:ename}


{ITEM TAG:mid} {ITEM TAG:ename}


– Format for order tags


Great tutorial, but what if my intention is to add once the order tag and then select all the item and so on…for expample: I select once a entrees button the I select all the item that my clients want firstly, then I select a “main button” and then all the item that my client want after the entrees.
My purpose is to give to more items the same order tag without adding it to every item.

Thanks for your help


You can’t select order tag without selecting an item first. So no that is not possible.


I’m not sure about that, I remember once I saw a tutorial where was explained it but I’m not able anymore to find it!


You can not add order tags and then items to order tags it does not work that way. The product has to be added and then order tags added to it. That is why they are called Order Tags… they tag the order not the other way around.


I don’t knwo maybe I’m wrong about the tutorial…

Anyway I realy think it is impossible that no one else have my same problem.

Sometimes my costumers want as starter a mixed salad or arrosted patate and so on…so when i put the order in the pc i really need a easy way to grouping the item of my order but in the order that my clients want. in this shivans’ tutorial i can change a predefine grouping tag but one by one and this is not very comfortable… can you help me in some way?



I am still not sure exactly what your asking. Start from the beginning and share with me what your needing. Use screenshots to illustrate maybe.

I think you may be using order tags wrong. There are other ways to define Mains, etc… you can use Order Grouping, Line Seperators etc. But it helps if you explain what your needing… I mean explain how your menu works. How someone would order when they come up to you.


That may be possible in fact I am sure thats true, but you have not shared with us very well what your problem is. You did share an idea you had which is not possible but we need to see how you take orders etc and we can recommend methods. Remember not everyone uses the system the same way.