Shivan's Tutorial 2 - Order Courses & Order Grouping


ok kendash, when i will back in restaurant I will send you some pictures!



You can select multiple orders, then click change course and they all get changed. Try it, I think it solves your problem.


That would be a solution, but it means that every time before I have to put all the item the select them again, it means lost time during the work. :frowning:


Ok this is my menu

What you see under “antipasti” is a starter and “primi” is the main… so sometimes happens that client want a some starter with some main, and then other things…for printing the order in the right way I use a order tag under grouping. This order tag is called “priorità” and every time I have to select item one by one, like this

This is what I got when I print the order…

Did I explain myself enough?


Your probably better to use states and with order grouping you can group and change the 'course state/group.
This was a topic i started when working on similar;

I use custom product tag to set default course state and base grouping on the state.
Then selecting orders and running change course automation update the sate and in turn grouping both on screen and on print.


Hmm i thought the tutorial dis outline the product tag part and covered that. Will have to check as it appears to be working on for me

The tutorial outlines the setting of the state. So change product course should work as its also using the state to change. Product tag course can be set to pre determine the course of the product and the auto command values can update the course of the state accordingly too. Can you show a video of your problem?