Show order products in entity screen

i will like something simple, not a kitchen display screen it just to show the order products that are inside an entity but to be able to enter the entity and order more products,

exactly is just this screen as it is BUT show the order products inside the entity 16 or 21

How would you expect it to show like 50 items?

mmm just the first 5 but first i will to know it is possible to show products in there…i will handle the scenario of the 50 products later, do you if it can be done please?

I think you would be better of with some form of ticket lister showing open tickets rather than trying to do that on entity grid.
Even 5, how would you want that to display, either way if it were new lines or comma seperated the text is sgoing to be so small you couldnt read it anyway…

This will be excelent ! BUT it must allows to enter the entity to order some more product’s not like the kitchen display that only displays products in orders.

You need to confirm/fix your terminology.
An entity is the table not the ticket, a n entity/table can have multiple tickets.
A ticket lister would open the ticket. If entity did have multiple tickets each would show on the list.
It would be similar to the ticket screen. see the ticket lister from main menu.

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This diagram will give better idea about meanings of terms we’re using.

You can add a new button on kitchen display to enter to that order ticket to add new products

thanks for the sugestion, can u please explain me a little more about that ticket lister? from main menu???

Go to main menu and open ticket lister? Not sure how to explain more.

ohh you mean this screen

yes something like this screen but in this screen

a ticket lister in an entity screen with the option to enter that ticket to order more products

You can do that from ticket screen already. Why do you need two?

because from ticket screen i cant open new tickets just see the ones i already have.

and ticket lister widget doesnt allow me to enter the ticket for settling or ordering more products or opening a new ticker, im trying to show the orders inside those tickets but with no luck.

Yes it does I’m not sure why you think it doesn’t. {TICKET ORDERS} is not valid.

You really don’t want to print orders on entity screen like that. It’s expensive and can slow your computer down.

ok kendash advice accepted,

this is the solution for now, ive got a question, why every time y use the column chooser and arrange the columns the way i need it they doesnt save that order…when i go to another screen and go back to this one the order is reseted to the default order.

and i dont know why the tables stop changing the colors when the state changes…

Once you get it like you need close Sambapos completely and restart it.

nope it doesnt save the order :frowning: correct me if im wrong, ive just got to drop de columns that i dont need into the column chooser and close the column chooser then close sambapos and restart it? if thats the process its not saving my desire order.

The widget needs to be named as well on properties.