Show username of the Voider on docket

How do I show username of staff that void an order in the void docket.

I was able to add waiter name to the void docket.

But I want to add the user name of the person that void too.

I have tried {:CURRENTUSER} but it will print * instead of username

Help please.

Have a look at the logging feature:


I also did a custom confirm admin pin setup where replaced confirm admin pin with a prompt for pin which is used to check against users table and if can confirm admin pin allowing manager y to confirm void on user a ticket without user logging out and logging the username of the user who confirmed admin pin.

You could probably just create an order state and assign the current user within the default void rule. Personally we track all voids, gifts, and comps based on an entity type for the server and custom reports. Pretty easy and works fine for our needs.


Ticket logs work great. If you can spend the. Time to build the. Automation then it’s well worth it.

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This there a KB link that will teach me how to create logs?

We gave you the link in this post. It is marked solution. You liked the post even.

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Thanks. Just wanted a KB links