Slow performance on initial transaction, high CPU on "Samba.Presentation.exe"

I’m using POSIFLEX KS-6215N Plus, below is the spec:
Intel VIA C7 1.5GHz

And here is the video recording:

I’m using Microsoft SQL Server Express 2012, no other heavy program or antivirus running (not even installed).

Initial transaction 0:03-0:27: took about 24 seconds
Second transaction 0:27-0:36: took 9 seconds (still sluggish performance)

How do I check the performance on Management Studio?
Is there any way to improve the performance without changing any spec to the machine?

Thanks in advance!

That is very low powered system so that is part of it. However the initial slowdown is typically because its loading everything into cache so it should be faster the rest of the day. I wouldnt expect a speedy fast system on such a low powered machine.

OMG, Via C7 is as slow as 1 core atom processor if not less.
Maybe using as RDP client to connect to server would be faster.

To be honest I was surprised it ran that well.

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If you notice just about the entire time you ran that demo it used 100% of your available ram and then paged the rest.

Should be in Samba Showcase even VIA C7 can run that well.

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I know it’s a low powered machine and previously ran on 5,400 HDD (so I decide to switch to SSD), I bought the machine at bargain price though (65 USD). But shouldn’t there be any configuration on Management Studio to increase the performance (such tweaking the indexing, reducing the database size, etc.)? Or, if I create start from the scratch (not the demo), would that help to increase the performance?

@sukasem yeah, C7 released on 2006 (way much older than SambaPOS) so it’s kinda old. What do you mean by Samba Showcase?

The biggest increase in performance will be adding ram. You are using 100% of your ram and then some. Your relying on the hdd for that which now that its a ssd will be faster but ram is always faster even much more than ssd.

Basically saying its impressive that SambaPOS can run on it.

I doubt increasing ram will help much. CPU hit 100% too. It hit 100% at least 6 sec before 1st item add to ticket.

But you can’t do anything with CPU (on board CPU). You may try remote desktop.

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Unfortunately, the maximum RAM on this machine is 1GB, I’m afraid if I add some more RAM the machine would not work properly (or even at all). I’m still looking for a way to optimize the performance with current machine by changing some configuration, possibly on the Management Studio.

@sukasem that’s right specifically “Samba.Presentation.exe” uses high CPU. Isn’t that remote desktop means that I should have another PC running, is it?

I would be willing to bet on that pc any app would use 100% cpu. On my machines you can barely even tell that its using cpu. There is probably not much more you can do honestly. I wouldnt get my hopes up in making that a usable system.[quote=“ricco, post:11, topic:12293”]
I’m still looking for a way to optimize the performance with current machine by changing some configuration, possibly on the Management Studio.

I doubt that is going to help any.

Yes, if you have a lot of this POSIFLEX, I think it worth to have another computer as server.
You should try if it better performance with RDP.

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@sukasem that is due to the cpu speed. Don’t forget when you have only 1GB of ram, usually processes will access ram memory before it access CPU memory. It will also only use a bit of the ram memory to make room for other processes too, so it will use both cpu and ram if it sees that its required to do so. In this case, the only reason to why its actually running at a speed like that is his ssd. SSD makes a huge difference in speed of process and accessing stored information. This is the primary reason to why it’s running the way it is now.

Ricco could probably try putting a 8gb USB flash drive and making windows run that as cache to help speed up things, but it may state that since you are running an ssd, it may not be necessary or you may not see a performance increase.

I should dig up my old AIO Asus atom dual core and upgrade to SSD. It should boost a lot of performance like this POSIFLEX.

SSD is the best investment for speed in just about any situation. It really makes a huge difference with SQL.

I really can not imagine any magic configuration that will help. I mean the queries its doing are not very intensive at all its really basic.

BTW, since he already have SSD why need USB. Isn’t it better to use page file on SSD than USB? I always thougt using USB to boost memory because normal HDD is not fast enough.

that was the initial reason to why windows 7 had readyboost for USB. When SSD were non existant, it was the only other way to increase performance without extra ram or with limited ram. I did state that it probably wont make a difference since SSD is fast enough, but may not hurt to try.

I tried putting USB flash drive, explorer>flash drive>right-click > properties> ReadyBoost tab, but it says that “This computer would not benefit from ReadyBoost” since the system disk’s performance is high. I guess I’m at the top speed right now, so I could not expect any better.

@Jesse I guess this sounds fair enough, since I’m running advanced POS software on an old machine.