[Solved] Change <XCT> logo position


Im trying for hours to find information on this.
I need to tweak the position of my logo stored on printer memory, but i’m unable to do so
i copied this: 29,40,76,6,0,48,69,32,32,1,1 from JohnS post:

and it prints the logo but always in the left.
Is it possible to change it to print in the right? or center

heres my printer (Epson T20) key code settings:

and my template:

any help would be really appreciated.

try putting the centre tags before and after your print command e.g

EC=enable centre
DC=disable centre

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if that doesnt work add some white space to the left of your image, re-save it and upload it to your printer, thats what i did in the end to get it perfectly centred, i just kept playing with the amount of white space i added to the left of the image until it looked centred on the receipt printout

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Worked !!

used EC DC

Thank you!!

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In fact there is no <DC> tag. After <EC> use <EL> or <ER> tag to enable left or right.


that’s the reason some lines were showing up in the center. :smiley:
Thank you!

Oh yea lol dunno why i thought there was, i dont even use that in mine!!

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