SOLVED Discount Q method for V4 working on V5?

Anyone using discount any item custom percent DISCOUNT - Any Item - Ask Fixed Percent

It seem to be broken in V5. Anyone else confirm this?

From what I find Order.Model.GetVisiblePrice() doesn’t work in V5 and I used to have constraint to limit discount dollar amount not over the item price using {PRICE} doesn’t seem to work too. Both seem to be 0

It may need a few tweaks due to expression engine being different in v5

It weird Show Message display just as I type in.


{PRICE} and {ORDER STATE:X} are valid tag.


Constraint {ORDER STATE:DStatus}, {ITEM TAG:Discount} don’t work too. I have {ITEM TAG:Discount} in Order Add To Ticket Rule to change DStatus to Discount and it work in new order add to ticket.

This is not working (Try to stop discount if order state DStatus is not Discount). Actually, it stop because it never match (Null will never contain Discount, rule will never be fired)

This is working (Add Order State Discount to DStatus)

@kendash or @QMcKay if you still have this setup could you confirm this please?

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Hmm, New database work.
My fault somewhere again

Found the issue:
I was trying to stop Ask for input to display multiple time by check Execute Once in Automation Command which cause unexpected behavior.

I think how the order process change from V4. In V4 Ask for input only show up once but for V5 it will ask for every order selected. (Select 3 items ask 3 times)


Hey @sukasem
So can I assume the original V4 by Master Q will work in V5 unchanged? The only difference in the engine change is each item will prompt for a Discount %…

If you don’t use any constraint that involve order level like price or order state, you can check execute once to suppress multiple popup.

By the way you can now use Rate option for order tags no need to calculate percent manually.

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Thanks @kendash - AKA Mr Dependable!
I might see if Q will be able to update his tutorial to V5 as my skills just not there yet and using rates looks like it will eliminate that longish formula.

Hello, where in Q’s tutorial does the “Rate option” under order tags replaces.

Thank you