[SOLVED] Do not want to track canceled ticket customers


We’ve explicitly followed this tutorial to track numbers of customers in our restaurant.
Thanks for the great tutorial.

We also set Ask Before Creating Ticket option to true to make sure waiters won’t forget.

However, when we create a ticket with Person Count tag and if we are to cancel/void an entire ticket for some reason, we see that ticket’s Person Count in a work period report.
This is something we don’t want to see because we did not serve that customer and we generally calculate total amount per customer.

Excuse me if this question was answered before.
Thanks in advance.

So when you cancel the entire ticket you need to untag the person count ticket tag

Add your ticket tag action to your cancel ticket rule and set the person count tag to zero. When you cancel the ticket it will update the person count tag to zero so it wont affect you reports


Thanks, @RickH
Simple and quick solution.
Here is what I did if anyone is having the same problem.

  1. Create Action for updating ticket tag.

  2. Create Rule that fires when ticket is closing and check if there is nothing to charge.