[SOLVED]Number Generator From 1-99 [Queue number]

Hi all!

I would like to ask yours help, in the following.

I need a number generator , from 1-99 for every ticket.
If it is possible 1is folliwing by 2 2 is 3 , 3is 4, etc 99 is 1.

But it should not be ticket number. We have a display which can show these numbers and we would like to add the order number automaticly.

Im very new with Samba but within 2 days i was able to install and config almost everything.



Ticket tag?
Make a program setting and a flow to add one each time ticket created and set ticket tag with that value.

Is it a queue number? This is a V2 tutorial but explains the idea fine.



Yes this is a queue number.
This tutorial is awsome. i did it , more or less it is okay, but we have only 2 digit, sometimes we have more than 100 order per a day. i try to figure out a rule for reset the number i didnt familier with sambapos right now.
Im trying to learn as much as possible within 2 days.

Show your rule you have made where number is increased.

You will just set to reset once 99

this is where i give the number to the ticket.
i followed the v2 tutorial.

OK, the increase counter action is a program setting update right?

Yes! As i know :slight_smile:

Action for Increasing the counter
Create a new action, Name it as “Increase daily counter” and the Action Type will be “Update Program Setting”
Setting Name will be ORDERNUMBER
Setting Value is 1
Update Type is Increase
IsLocal = False

You want a third action in that rule to change to 0.
As the constraints will be worked out at begining you would want to reset on 98 rather than 99.

Fields would be;
Setting Name will be ORDERNUMBER
Setting Value is 0
Update Type is Update
IsLocal = False

Add to that rule.
On the action constraint put;


So on ticket created where value is 98 to rule will;

  • Increase to 99
  • Add to ticket
  • Reset to 0

Thank you for your help!

This is awsome!
I have some more question about the program , and the settle screen , should i make a new topic for them?



Yes, make new topic, is better for all users when searching a question.

Please do add default mapping for both the rules in the tutorial.

Hello can you send me this method with screen shots