(Self Service )Customer Order food and settle payment at cashier

You are going to have to alter multiple actions, specify specific permissions to user roles that are linked to the customer ordering device and ensure those devices are locked down enough so the customer using the device can only access the one order and not access or change other orders. It’s not just one straightforward tutorial and if you want to setup something like this, you are going to have to spend considerable time learning and understanding the system and how various features work. Think about breaking down the setup into steps then use the search feature on the forum to search for relevant parts - there isn’t a ready made tutorial for this type of setup at the moment but I am sure it is possible given the effort is put in.

Alternatively, you can place an ad in the Ads category and then get paid help to set it up.

You could amend a Kitchen Display setup to work in this way. Take a look at

Or this one for the Bump Bar version - which also includes a DB Tools file to import. You could remove the Bump Bar from it and will still work, which would be a faster way to implement it quickly

For creating order numbers that are 1-99 and then reset, you can look here