(Self Service )Customer Order food and settle payment at cashier

He was using ask question action not the action he referred too. But to answer you difference is this shows it in a popup not a browser.

He using wrong Action then.

No he just wants a local image to popup. Ask question is fine. He just needed to use img tags.

Wait, I don’t think ask question with popup image that why emre create Popup Browser for this.

It works just fine. He created it to display a url in popup.

OK got it.
Here the easiest way to get the path.

1 Use File explorer to locate your image
2. Right click choose open with… find Chrome or IE
3. The copy Address and put in Ask Question - Question <img>IMAGE FILE HERE</img> That is it.

File from Server Machine


File from Local drive


now i am trying to show each item image respectively by passing menuitem name to the img tag but its not working

i have tried it with order change event …its working

but not on automation command button

is there any other way to do it?

Where is [:imgname] coming from?

its a ticket tag passing menuitem name

That is not how you call a ticket tag…it would be {TICKET TAG:imgname}

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oh ya sometimes i just forget these things…thnks its working now.

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{:imgname} might work if it was a program setting but even those typically it would be {SETTING:settingname}

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i have prepared a demo:

students take order, show orders in kitchen, give a order number to student once ready display order number and settle payment from ticket screen and only cash payment will be used.

customer screen:

display image on prodcut details:

kitchen display with summary of orders:

display customer department tickets:

ready orders for customers department only

ticket & payment screen:

any suggestion for layout improvement

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You should not sell Wine to students :wink:

I think allow self serve to enter any comments could be issued. It might get slower than faster. Maybe self serve should only order things that has no comment so, no question to ask customer back in case you need clarification. For picky customers should order with server.

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hehe i havent change the menu yet as its just a demo

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Your coming along nicely. I enjoy watching this evolve.

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I always lose this link and forget about it, so here it is again after digging through old posts…


That may help somewhat with web integration. The question is: do we have, or will we have in the future, more of these functions?

More info…

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ok qmckay will look into the details thanks


can you please guide me how to prepared LIKE This screens :

1-customer screen( E-menu): my

2-ready orders for customers department only:


You are going to have to alter multiple actions, specify specific permissions to user roles that are linked to the customer ordering device and ensure those devices are locked down enough so the customer using the device can only access the one order and not access or change other orders. It’s not just one straightforward tutorial and if you want to setup something like this, you are going to have to spend considerable time learning and understanding the system and how various features work. Think about breaking down the setup into steps then use the search feature on the forum to search for relevant parts - there isn’t a ready made tutorial for this type of setup at the moment but I am sure it is possible given the effort is put in.

Alternatively, you can place an ad in the Ads category and then get paid help to set it up.

You could amend a Kitchen Display setup to work in this way. Take a look at

Or this one for the Bump Bar version - which also includes a DB Tools file to import. You could remove the Bump Bar from it and will still work, which would be a faster way to implement it quickly

For creating order numbers that are 1-99 and then reset, you can look here