Someone help me explain how to use?

I want to know how to use printer template Account Transaction Value Tags

{AMOUNT} Transaction Amount
{EXCHANGE RATE} Transaction Exchange Rate
{TRANSACTION TYPE NAME} Transaction Type Name
{SOURCE ACCOUNT TYPE} Source Account Type
{SOURCE ACCOUNT} Source Account
{SOURCE DEBIT} Source Debit
{SOURCE CREDIT} Source Credit
{SOURCE AMOUNT} Source Amount
{SOURCE BALANCE} Source Balance
{TARGET ACCOUNT TYPE} Target Account Type
{TARGET ACCOUNT} Target Account
{TARGET DEBIT} Target Debit
{TARGET CREDIT} Target Credit
{TARGET AMOUNT} Target Amount
{TARGET BALANCE} Target Balance


It seems like these are most useful when creating Custom Reports… but perhaps we could eventually use them to print receipts when making supplier payouts for example. I have not messed with them much maybe I should play around with it.

We use these tags while printing Account Transactions.

yes, i know, i try to use but can’t know to use, have any sample of these tags.

Can you show one of your uses godtwmm maybe we can help you with the template.

Because i use Foreign language , printer type set to HTML, can’t print Report, so i need to create custom report.

Have you tried to use these tags yet? If so can you show us how you tried to use them?

i found this template in forum, but not work…


– General layout










And are you mapping the template correctly to your report printer?

this is output…

What type of transaction are you trying to print?

this templat found in forum. so i use to try, i don’t know have what type…

Might read some of this.