Someone please expalin how to create Log Out and Manage Buttons on WP Screen Layout

I would like to crate Log Out and Manage Buttons on my WP screen. Can someone please help me how to create them. I have crated buttons and selected automation command button in widget settings but still not working and I did the same thing to Open drawer and some statements. They all working but these two buttons are not working

You need to use the logout user action and an automation command executed rule. You put in custom constraint for the name of automation command.

You can’t add buttons to the wp screen.

Hi Jesse I would like to add automation widget like open drawer. I will send some pictures

That’s correct but in widget settings did you set command name ?

No I have not set the command value

In log out action parameters should I need to set reset cache true or not
what command value I need to put in

No I didn’t say command value.

still not working

Sorry Jesse, Command name already I have put through but not working
all other buttons are working