Cash Denomination Screen Problem

There is another issue…
Your clearing a glocal setting when your using local with your widgets…
Local=false means global
Changing the action wont update the instances of the action you already have in the rule BTW. If you edit action you need to remove, save and read to rule.
I would change name to global and make new action for local then change actions in rule to use that.

Yer… they are all using local setting but your rule for wp started uses an action set to clear global settings.
That will also be why its saying there is a global setting with that name because your not deleting the setting you setting it to bank/empty which will have made those settings in the db

Previously it used to be {SETTING:CO Set Count Value $1}

But, the time it was stopped working i have changed all the settings to local
so, may be i have not done all of them properly. i have never used local settings before
one day i found it stopped working then i have changed everting and made some trails to solve it it not be successful

Go back to how it was when it was working but not clearing.
Its not clearing because your clear actions not only had different setting name but also were clearing global setting not local.

Global vs Local are not much different in general use.
Diferences are that global is stored in SQL database but local stored in cache, global will persist until cleared but local wil be cleared when samba is closed either just closed or pc restarted etc.
As the name suggests global would be available accross all machines, local is only local to that machine.
You shouldn’t use global and local with same name.
{SETTING: will call either
{GLOBAL SETTING; or {LOCAL SETTING: do similar but are specified.
Action to update offers ‘Is Local’ option, True makes Local Setting, False does Global

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You can create any button you want on that screen.

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that is my main Question from the beginning. So, on that screen i need Log Out and Manage buttons need working

I told you what to do. Show screenshots of your setup

Thank you Jesse for understading

Are you trying to logout an admin? If so in your action set that to True

No, i don’t think so. any user can log out

I mean when you tested the button. We’re you an admin? It wouldn’t work if you were. You have logout admin not set in the action.