Sort Products While Taking an Order from a Customer

Hi to all! I 've read many topics and been trying to setup Sambapos, which I find amazing, for a friend’s restaurant. I am logged in from home so I do not have any print-screens to show the current setup but I 've managed to make everything work perfect so far.
I have set up the printer layout to group products by Product Tags which I have defined as Starters>Main>Dessert.
Problem came up when a waiter asked me "Is it possible to move a product from the “Main” category to the “Starters”? Because many customers would like a main course with their starters instead.
I 've been trying to figure out a solution for the past 3 days playing around with automation commands which I find kinda hard to program myself.
There is no Action to update Product tag and I am not sure if I could use Order tags instead to sort the products on the printer layout.
I 've read all tutorials, and many “order sorting” articles but i can’t seem to find anything similar.

I believe dynamicaly changing product sorting while picking up an order from a customer would help many others as well. It is not uncommon to prioritize another meal instead of another.

Many thanks in advance! Much appreciate any help! :slight_smile:

@emre yes even iam trying this software aside other I thought once all settled can go live , Really I need this feature too as some people want starter as a main ( some time bigger portion ), This would be great if can sort by group , like one of the pos while taking order press main can choose any sort od product as main as its apply to all , if I click starter and choose a bread it print kitchen as a bread as a starter , so chef prepare bread first looking forward for this feature.

@emre in theory you should be able to do this by updating order state through Automation command and then sord orders by [ORDERS GROUP|ORDER STATE:x], From what I 've read ORDER STATE:x sorts by name so you might want to add numbers before to sort them the way you need.
Still havn’t figured out how to do it though!!

Yes you guessed it right. As you need to change course for an order you’ll store course as an order state and use Order State grouping on printouts. So you need to assign course for an order and add a function for changing the course of a selected order.

To assign course you’ll need to create an Update Order State action that sets the course state of the order. You’ll execute it for all new added orders by handling Order Added event. You can read default course from product by using {ITEM TAG:Course} (if you named your product tag as Course) and send that value to Update Order State action.

To change the course of an order you can use a Automation Command with parameters or Ask Question action to let user to select a value. Again you’ll assign selected Course to order by using Update Order State action.

As I’ve stated on your previous question I’ve uploaded a sample sdf database file here. You can review it for implementation details.

…also I’ve posted a database tools import file for same implementation.

… also here is the SQL backup file for 4.1.75 version. (458.4 KB)

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I would like to add a certain function to your courses2 but dont know how.

What your file does is print the next course when requested but I would also like that the initial kitchen print also prints out the courses as modified by the waiter. E.g. Meze moved from Starter to Main. In short how do I get it to print these changes on the initial kitchen docket not just when I press the next course function?