States for new entities

Hi all!

  1. I created some new tables for my restaurant. I want to change the colour of tables based on when they are free in use etc. When none of my tables are in use half of them are green, half are gray???
  2. I cant seem to find where the database is saved. I am working on an unregistered trial, is this a feature that is only available after registration? (Operating system error 5)

Not sure what system error 5 is dropped on the end there for?

Entity grid colors are defined by the entity state by default.
By default this is white for available, orange for new orders and red for bill requested.
If you have green you have been making changes either in the state flow of entities ‘status’ state.
Grey might just be you have not used that entity yet so there is no status state defined yet as available by default is not set until the first ticket is closed from the entity.

Cheers that was what I was wanting to know in regard to entities. The system error occurred when I tried to save the database

You mean backup?
That would most likely be a permissions based issue. If so are you on sql express?

Yes I am. How can I enable backups

Either backup to a location sql has access to or allow sql permission to edit the folder backing up to by adding sql in security/permission.