Step by Step Guide!

I am totally new to POS and SambaPOS. Can anyone tell me what to do after installing the software? A step by step guide?

You can find more tutorials here

But i dont see any Database link…No link for Database tools or backup…what does this mean!!!

You need to purchase Database backup and Database tools from
Then you can install then.

without them we cant use POS is it?

for sambaPOS3 need to purchase also?

how much does it cost?

The tools are optional.

What are you trying to do ?

as i said i want to setup POS for restaurant…so i dont what is my next step…by the way how come i the POS, account module not active when i log in to samba

You need to start a work period to enable the POS button.

The link Emre provided is a good start.

how come i cant define the menu category in product as group code

Hello Madiha welcome to SambaPOS forums. SambaPOS have some differences from other POS systems that you’ve possibly used before. As I’ve clearly stated in the tutorial Menu Category and Product Group have different uses in SambaPOS. Product Group is useful for reporting. For example you can group all drinks under Beverages group so you’ll see all drink sales total under Beverages group on product sales report. However you may want to break drinks into Hot Drinks and Cold Drinks (or more sub categories) on POS screen. Menu Category used for that. That doesn’t affect reports. Used only for on screen menu organization.

So whatever product groups you have you need to configure Menu Categories for your screen. To add a Category click Add Category link on menu configuration screen. If new category name matches to a product group, SambaPOS will ask if you want to add these products automatically.

These information covered in detail at Configuring Menus on First Install tutorial. Please follow that for more info.

well this os my first time using any POS…well thanks for the clarifiation was helpful

now i cant Enter inventory items in stock under

Transaction > Add Transaction Document…this link is disenabled


ohh found i had to install the module from samba market!!!