Stop receipts from printing

How can I stop receipt from printing when order is submitted and not yet settled?

So, you don’t want to print when click close button and create manual print button?
I think @QMcKay create tutorial for this but I can’t find it now.

I would guess he is referring to kitchen prints rather than receipt as receipt is not printed on submit by default.

When a order is submitted and not settled, a receipt is automatically printed. It is ok when the customer is a walk-in and pays on the spot as it only prints a receipts as soon as settlement is done. The problem is, when order is settled later, it prints a receipt once order is submitted, system won’t print a receipt when this same order is settled. System will not allow cashier to print a bill upon customer request as well. Please help…

To stop printing kitchen receipt
Remove Execute Kitchen Order Print Job Action from Ticket Closing Rule.

To re print read this tutorial

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Thank you for your help…really appreciate this tutorial